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I've got a lot to cover, so here goes....
1) REMINDER - we are seeing Jersey Boys next week on THURSDAY April 21 
We are going to meet early @ 6:45 in the Orpheum 

2) Remember how we discussed the possibility of interviewing theater goers at a show?  Well, we're going to try it for Jersey Boys.  HTT has a video camera, and I have 3 digital audio recorders.  So, that means we can have 4 teams for sure.  Additionally, I'd like to divide you up (pre-show, intermission, post-show).  If your school has AV equipment that you could use, we could easily open this up to everyone.  

3) Also, since you are working in pairs on this review, you will want to discuss this in advance with your partner.  My expectation is interview questions will be written and submitted to me in advance.  Video footage will need to be edited and uploaded to NIng, same with audio, within the deadline.  OR transcribed and posted.

We will go over all this on the 21st when we meet early.  We have also invited some funders from the State Arts Board to observe all of this!  You are going to get cool press passes to wear, and handouts about Critical View to give to the folks you interview.  

So,  You and your partner (the list is below) need to chat about this (email, text, Ning site etc.)  And let me know what you are planning.   I need to hear from you no later than Monday, 4/18.


Rick Miller & Eric Peters
Kyle Young & Annett Betting-Fuentes
Alissa McGrath & Josh Madden
Justice Harrison & Adrienne Gorney
Oscar Malle-Barlow & Emma Palmer
Madeleine Bertch & Emily VanKoughnett
Ashton Valentine & Hannah Boehme
Colleen Enwesi & Laura Asp
Margret Sittig & Laura Shannon
Mikaela Buscher & Victoria Petelin

Elena & Amelia you are in NYC, right?  Katerie, can you let me know if you are coming to Jersey Boys (if so, you can join a group and work as 3)

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