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Once- More than a one time show

This past Tuesday I went to go see Once, the stage adaptation of the 2006 film. It was very different than any of the other shows I've seen at the Orpheum so far this year, but it was quite enjoyable. Once is set in Dublin and tells the story of a young Irish man and a Czech woman as they use music to help repair the holes in their lives.

One of the incredibly unique aspects of this show was that the cast doubled as the orchestra. All of the music was performed live onstage which really… Continue

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Once: Truly a Once in a Lifetime Experience

     From the moment the house opens to the cast’s final bow,…


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    On Tuesday, April 1, I saw Once at the Orpheum theatre. I’d never seen the show or the movie before, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to see. Once is not the kind of musical I usually tend to love. However, I did really like it and it had many innovative aspects.

    I thought the plot of Once was very intriguing. I liked all the characters very much. The daughter, Ivanka, seemed a little big pointless because she was only in two scenes and I don’t remember her saying a…


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ONCE is Enough For Me!

By: Ryan Lenard

The winner of the 2013 “Grammy Award” Once took to the Orpheum stage. The production continues until Sunday April 6th, giving viewers a chance of seeing it similar to the name. The musical features an Irish man, named Guy, about to give up on his dream of becoming a musician, but then he meets a young Czech woman, named Girl. She falls in love…


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Jakmile je fantastické (Once is Fantastic)

     From the second I entered the Orpheum, where Once: the Musical is playing from April 1st to 6th, I could tell I was in for a laid-back, friendly show. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, reflecting around the auditorium from the plethora of mirrors in the set. There were audience members invited up onstage to create a more casual opening to the show. Rather than a big showstopping number, the show began gradually and gracefully. Based on the 2006 movie, Once is the…


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Lemonade and Musicals Have something in Common: A Review of Once

Have you ever had a cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day? It’s refreshing isn’t it? Refreshing is the word I would use to describe the musical Once, which I had the incredible opportunity to see. Once runs through April 6th at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis.

Once follows an irish guy who is both a vacuum cleaner repairman and a…


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This Is a Show You Could Only Sit Through Once

          Having won eight Tony awards and a Grammy for “Best Musical Theatre Album”, anybody would be excited to witness such a critically acclaimed show. Unfortunately, Once did not sit well with me. On April 1st at the Orpheum theatre in Minneapolis I saw the story of a young Irish musician who was beginning to give up on his dreams, but suddenly has a spark of passion when he meets a Czech women who encourages him to continue on his pursuit of music.

          This sounds…


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Once is the story of a young musician who lives in Dublin. He is trying to decide whether to further his career as a musician or give up on it entirely. Along the way he runs into a young Czech woman who greatly influences him and his career as a musician.  Interestingly neither of these two main characters are given names and are referred to as simply ‘Guy’ and ‘Girl’. Overall, Once is defiantly worth seeing, it has good songs, an interesting enough story and is very different…


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"Falling Slowly" Asleep at Once

Once Review

Grace Peterson

Once Review To The Tune Of “Falling Slowly”…


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Once is Enough

Since Once, showing at the Orpheum Theatre, is a Tony award winning musical, I expected it to be enjoyable and a very good show. However, I experienced something quite different. Once follows the story of a guy named Guy from Ireland, who meets a Czech girl named Girl in a music shop. From there all I picked up is that they fall in love and make music together. The idea of having the actors play the instruments that are involved in the show is an interesting concept, but…


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You're Going to Want to Go Twice

George Mulder


You're Going to Want to Go Twice

Once is much more than a musical where everybody plays instruments. It showcases the actors' ability to captivate an audience with their acting, singing, and dancing. The national tour of Once is being performed at the Orpheum in Minneapolis from April 1 to April 6. The story is both witty and sentimental. A guy (who was never given a name) starts to give up on his songs because he has nobody to sing them about. And then she… Continue

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Once captivates the Orpheum

This isn’t your shimmery lighting, jazzy dancing, flashy singing type of musicals. All preconceived notions of what a typical musical looks like should be defenestrated. In its place stands Once directed by John Tiffany. Playing at the Orpheum through April 6, the show’s raw emotions and captivating instrumentation will have the audience wanting to see it twice.

The show takes place in Dublin, Ireland, where a struggling musician broods over his music and a past love. Passing…


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Fall in Love ONCE again at the Orpheum

Fall in Love ONCE again at the Orpheum


Walking into the extravagant Orpheum Theater, the lights are still on, but the show has already started. Audience members are invited onstage to sway and nod their head to the cast jamming out to bright and charming folk music. Then, the final few are ushered in and Stuart Ward takes center stage. The lights slowly dim and with a seamless transition, Once is ready to begin. Once is witty, heart-felt, and an honest…


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Don't even waste your time.

Here’s a summary for Once: whiny ballads by people you can’t understand, with some awkward modern dance thrown in.

If you care to read on, here’s some more information that will hopefully persuade you to stay away from this overhyped musical with virtually no redeeming qualities making it worth the few uncomfortable hours.

Once is a tony…


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Something This Beautiful Comes Only ONCE in a Very Long While

If you love anything about musicals other than their Broadway-ish feel, then "Once" is for you. "Once" is not so much a musical as a play about people who live in a haze of folk music and original compositions, in whom absentminded tunes and pensive lyrics are constantly bubbling up. The characters live in music and music lives in them, and this inextricable relationship lends the entire production a genuine air rarely found in an art form dedicated to thoroughly improbable burst of… Continue

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Everyone's On Stage At ONCE

Olivia Skjervold




Everyone’s On Stage at ONCE


             Music can be as simple as clapping a rhythm with your hands or as complex as a one hundred person orchestra and vocal choir. Once at the Orpheum Theatre runs until April 6, and uses the universal language of music to reexamine the simplicity of art and life though the…


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Doyle and Debbie Sing Their Hearts Out For the Love of Laughter

         Doyle and Debbie have drawn attention to themselves.  After singing with a western twang and cracking a few jokes, the two country singers had the New Century Theater roaring with laughter!  Get your tickets now by calling 612-455-9501 or go to …


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Oh my god oh my god oh my god Oh my god oh my god oh my god Oh my god oh my god oh my god Oh my god oh my god oh my god Oh my god oh my god oh my god Oh my god oh my god oh my god

Imagine this: you’re in New York, at a small, broadway theater, ready and excited to see a show, and you’re in the back row but you can still see so well. This was my first experience with Peter and the Starcatcher. My most recent experience, at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis, was quite different.

Adaptations from books, movies,…


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I'm the Leader

Peter and the Starcatcher is a machine. Every movement demonstrates just how much work has gone into this show. This dark prequel to the classic tale will satisfy any Peter Pan lover. Follow the leader down to the Orpheum for this trip to Neverland.

This prequel to Peter Pan revolves around the crews of two ships, both traveling to Rundoon, and both carrying a mysterious cargo for Queen Victoria (God Save Her).

Peter and the Starcatcher is a well oiled machine. Every movement is… Continue

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You Ought to Give Music Man a Try!

Ten Thousand Things Theater Company’s production of The Music Man is unlike any other version of the show. With an incredibly talented eight-person cast, one musician, no lighting, and hardly any set, the show is fast-paced, funny, and heart-warming. In case you are unfamiliar with the plot, it follows the story of Professor Harold Hill, a con artist who convinces the town of River City, Iowa, that he can lead a boys’ marching band. However his plan runs into trouble when he falls in love…


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