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Cocktail Hour

Olivia Skjervold

The Cocktail Hour


            Just before the holiday outbreak I caught performance of A.R Gurney’s Cocktail Hour at the Guthrie Theatre on November 25, and for a few hours watched the familiar family dynamic play out on stage as now is the time of year when Minnesota audience members alike prepare themselves for the anticipated family gatherings of the holidays. The…


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Can I "Close the door" on this Musical? Mostly not.

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein 

Motown The Musical

Can I “close the door” on this musical? Mostly not.

When Berry Gordy first opened a…


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You Heard It Though the Grapevine, Motown the Musical is Here!

Olivia Skjervold


Motown the Musical


You Heard It Though the Grapevine, Motown the Musical is Here!


            Motown the Musical was exactly the spectacular and upbeat performance I expected when I entered the Orpheum to escape a cold, wintery Tuesday night. The musical is a dazzling tribute to the timeless record labels that put mainstream African American stars on the map. The familiar and much loved voices of Diana Ross, the Supremes, the…


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Motown the Musical: A Show “To Be Loved”

As Motown the Musical takes the stage at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis, you know you are in for a night of music that makes you want to get up and dance. The story began as the life of Berry Gordy, became the music of the nation, and made its way to the Broadway stage. Motown the Musical tells the story of the Motown record label founder Berry Gordy’s journey from boxer to music master, as he fights against the odds launching the careers of Diana Ross, Michael…


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Motown The Musical

Karina Strom



            Motown The Musical is a new musical about the history of Motown music, starting in Detroit in the 1960s. During a time of such racial inequality, it was hard for African American’s music to become popular, never mind get the radio. This touching story follows countless Motown artists through their careers in the 60s and 70s. Jam packed with songs, storylines and fun costumes, and this musical was fun even for people who didn’t…


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Motown Really Got a Hold on Me

Motown has a certain energy about it, I left  feeling enlivened and wondering where this music had been all my life. The show made me feel connected to the songs and the people that created them.  Dropping you right into Motown through a balance between fun music and historical context, the show follows Berry Gordy and the artists of Motown from the late 1950’s to the early 1980’s. Along this journey you experience the ups and downs of Motown. From the joy of first number one…


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Get Your Funk on With Motown The Musical

         Want to see the reincarnation of Michael Jackson in the Jackson Five live on stage or get the funky songs from your childhood stuck in your head for the next three weeks? Then Motown the Musical is a must see for you, running at the Orpheum Theater December 16th-18th. The musical stole the hearts of the over 2,500 people present on…


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Slaying in the Street

Jack Bonko

Motown the Musical, playing at the Orpheum in Minneapolis is a show that helps link modern kids of techno and Miley Cyrus into a time we only know from textbooks. A time full of fantastic music featuring Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Jackson Five, Diana Ross, and many more that are all centered around one story about a company that started them all, Motown. 

The casting for this show was the best part. Every…


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Anyone could feel the anticipation and curiosity in the Orpheum theatre last Wednesday night. The night would soon be filled with intoxicating energy and amazing singing. Motown is a musical about the music stars of the 1960’s. The stage was filled with brilliant impressions of Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye, along with many others. Motown begins with a shimmering gold “M”, lively overture of a medley of popular motertown music from the 1960’s. Motown is about Berry…


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The Supreme Temptation to Dance to Motown

From The Marvelettes' perfectly coiffed wigs to the blindingly shined black shoes of the Contours, Motown was a musical where attention to detail reigned supreme. It was a musical that combined historical accuracy with entertainment - a feat that most of Hollywood struggles to achieve. With the gifted…


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A ‘Supreme’ Show

What the world needs now is glitter, sequins and a bit more glitter. There isn’t enough shimmering in shows these days. Next to Normal? Nary a twinkle. Spring Awakening? Less gleam and more child abuse. Once? Less sparkle than a room full of burlap bags. Good thing for the theatre community, Motown brought not only the shimmer but the funk. A show was packed to the brim with exiting and iconic songs, and it wowed with its creativity and precision.  Motown, now at the Minneapolis…


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Say Motown's in Town and "I'll Be There"

       With a name as sweet as Motown you know what to expect- music that you want to dance to and a story with a punch. The show was a party from the start- colorful lights and blasting music. The energy emanated from the stage with such power that I was blown away. This true story follows a young Berry Gordy as he discovers his passion for songwriting, and eventually his dream to own a record label- Motown. All of this is wrapped up in a jukebox musical bow inviting one and all to unwrap…


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Motown: the Movement

      As the orchestra, which sounded more like a soundtrack, began playing the first few notes of Motown, you could feel the excitement of the audience rise. Although the storyline is one that has been told before, it can still bring new meaning.  With all of the racial controversy in the media right now, Motown couldn’t have more perfect timing.  The music surrounds you and makes you feel like part of the movement.

      Vocally this cast kicked…


Added by Jolie Olson on December 18, 2014 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

Bold, Bright, Fun: Mowtown The Musical

Bold, bright and fun are just three words I’d use to describe the performance of Mowtown, which had it’s opening in Minneapolis Tuesday, December 16th.…


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"Get Ready" for Motown

Everyone will be dancing in their seats at the Orpheum Theater this Holiday season as they become mesmerized by Motown The Musical, which plays through December 28. The show is jam-packed with nostalgic classics that will surely get the audience swaying to the Motown beat. The anticipation of what infamous song and character will grace the stage next creates a lively atmosphere of fun and wonder.

A retrospective look at the life of Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown, Motown…


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Don't forget your dancing shoes when you see Motown

Motown The Musical was a phenomenal show that had the audience engaged and wanting more when the curtain closed. At the opening of he show Berry Gordy is reluctant to go to the 25th anniversary celebration for Motown. The show talks us back to where it all began and ends with the 25th anniversary celebration. The Show was about the life of Berry Gordy and how he created Motown. Through the performance, the audience was taken through The history of Berry Gordy's life and his impact on all the… Continue

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Motown? More like Woahtown!

Berry Gordy’s “Motown the Musical” is a rare mix of merriment and poignancy, full of wit and history. Cutting between fantastic musical numbers and hard-hitting scenes reminding us about racial tension during the motown period, the musical tells the story of Berry Gordy (Julius Thomas III) and the rise of Motown Records from 1938 to the 1980’s. The history aspect of the show was interesting and added more dimension to the plot. The whole show was very interactive- from…


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Callin' Out Around The World Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat, Motown the Musical Will Have You Dancin' in the Seats

    Motown The Musical instantly fills the Orpheum theater in downtown Minneapolis with sound and energy. This show is a full body experience. From the music that rushes through you, making any audience member want to move their feet, to the heart warming/wrenching moments around creating change and standing up for racial justice. Motown The Musical leaves nothing to complain about besides some minor technical difficulties and a stumble here and there, which can be attributed to it being…


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What can Make Me Feel this Way? "Motown!" Just Go and See "Motown!"

“Motown the Musical” is a show that will thrill everyone, young and old.  The show begins at the 25th anniversary of Motown Records.  The founder of Motown, Berry Gordy (Clifton Oliver), decides not to attend the event and reflects on his journey with Motown Records.  The show covers the growth of Motown from its inspiration, to its birth, and through the first 25 years of Motown Records.  Along the way,…


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Moneytown Music

In a musical that is named after motortowns, finances develop as the main theme

During the musical Motown, now at the Minneapolis Orpheum Theater through December 28, Motown recording legend Berry Gordy recounts his triumph with the Motown…


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