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The "Sir Real" Experiance

If one were to saunter down Hennepin Avenue on Monday, September 19th, it may feel like a typical evening. There is a constant stream of people flowing in either direction as you smell the aroma of seared steak and overpriced burgers waft out of high-end restaurants. BAM! Suddenly you are caught in a human amoeba, constantly morphing and swirling as the crowd tries to cram their way into the State Theatre.…


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Coming Full Circle [of Life] in Minneapolis

George Mulder

The Lion King

Coming Full Circle [of Life] in Minneapolis

Disney’s The Lion King possesses a phenomenal trait about musical theatre that is often ignored or forgotten about: costumes. Each and every costume of this show is well thought out. The story comes from the classic Disney tale about a young, royal lion who “Just Can’t Wait to Be King.” Luckily, it plays at the Orpheum Theatre in the theatre-enriched city of…


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Can You Feel the Love?

The Lion King makes a triumphant return to the Orpheum Theater where it first debuted in July of 1997. Adapted from classic childhood animated movie of the same name, the Lion King draws an audience of all ages. Director Julie Taymor brought innovative costuming together with music by Elton John to create a timeless show that inspires audiences as much today as it did almost ten years ago.


The 1998 Tony Award winner for Best…


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Can You Feel the Talent Tonight?

           My breath was taken away as I became immersed in the African safari unfolding before my eyes. Life-sized elephants lumbered past my seat and towering giraffes glided and crossed paths with graceful galloping gazelles. All coexisting in perfect harmony, as well as singing in perfect harmony. This transforming experience, The Lion King, is at the Orpheum July 5 through August 7. Based on Disney’s 1994 animated movie of the same name this energized performance follows Simba, a…


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The Lion King has run its "Circle of Life"

The Lion King is a spectacle worth seeing—once. The costumes are so technically and visually creative that the seemingly impossible task of creating a savannah onstage is flawlessly executed. This musical is historic and a must see for people of all ages.

Adapted from the Disney film, this musical follows the life story of the lion Simba, as he seeks understanding of who he is and what his life is meant to hold. Featuring songs such as “Hakuna Matata”, “Circle of Life”,…


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The Lion King Rules

I will never forget the rainy afternoons of my childhood, when my siblings and I were obliged to stay inside and watch one of our favorites: The Lion King. Naturally, after the final drum of the movie sounded we would leap into our lion characters. Someone would hang off the edge of the couch as another snarled, “long live the king!”, and raised their little claws to the ceiling. The story of prince Simba the…


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Can You See Lion King Tonight? You should.

Devyn Terry

The Lion King

The Lion King is famous for its six Tony awards, one of which is best musical, and it is obvious why. The classic tale of growing up and thirst for power was well executed and very entertaining. Hands down, it was my favorite musical of the year. When the opening "Circle of Life" began, the chorus was so in tune that I thought it was a recording. Then, the animals poured in through the aisles. The audience around me gasped at the…


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Can You Feel the Love Tonight in Minneapolis?

Disney’s The Lion King came roaring into town on July 5 at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. In the midst of a city struggling with acts of violence and racial tension, The Lion King provided an entertaining experience that invited audience members to ponder the circle of life.


The story conveys the popular tale about two brother lions – Scar (Patrick R. Brown) and Mufasa (Gerald Ramsey) fighting over the kingdom’s throne.  As the story unfolds, Mufasa’s son, Simba, struggles to…


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The Lion King: Be Prepared for one fantastic show

Best Musical, Best Choreography, Best Costume Design of a Musical. Just 3 of the 6 Tonys the lion king won. The breathtaking musical has been running on Broadway since November 1997. Before it hit Broadway, the Lion King debuted at the Orpheum in Minneapolis in July 1997. Now, it is back. The Lion King is performing at the Orpheum in Minneapolis from July 5th to August 7th.…


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The Lion King.. Lives in us!!

  • Ananda Cordova Stuart

  • The Lion King


The Lion King

As a kid I grew up with the disney movie “The Lion King.” As I believe many others from different generations did too. Walking into the theatre with a beginning set of a screen, I was curious as how the show was going to then come to life. The minute the…


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It Means no Worries.


Parker Lehman

The Lion King


It Means no Worries.

The Lion King, was adapted from the 1994 Disney movie by a team comprised of three people who were major parts of the movie’s production. Roger Allers, one of the directors, Lrene Mecchi, one of the screenplay writers, and Elton John who co-wrote most of the sound track. The story centers around a young lion named Simba (as a kid played by either BJ…


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'Be Prepared' for The Lion King


We all have grown to know and love Disney throughout our childhoods, but many forget or don’t know about all of the stage adaptations that Disney has. One of Disney’s classics, The Lion King, brings the entire audience right back to being young and being amazed by everything. The Lion King has a special place in Minnesota’s heart because it originally opened at the Orpheum Theater. It…


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Bridges of Madison County

         Downtown Minneapolis was buzzing with Twins fans on the evening of June 21st. Almost as excited, if not more, were the theatre-goers lined up at the Orpheum for opening night of “The Bridges of Madison County”. Based on the novel by Robert James Waller, with the book by Marsha Norman and music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown, this romance musical takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as Francesca (Elizabeth Stanley),  falls in love with a…


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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

A very small auditorium is filled with a crowded audience and a stage full of young, eager middle school aged kids from all walks of life with one similarity, they all like to spell and are entering into their regional bee to compete for a spot in the National Spelling Bee. Before the auditorium stage is filled, however, one of the moderators of this annual Spelling Bee, Rona Lisa Peretti (Mary Burchill), is starting to set up and reminisces when she won the annual Spelling Bee many years…


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Live in Living Color!: Cabaret

Cabarets are fun to go to because you get to see a variety of different songs from different musicals all in the same night. Sometimes they weave in together and have a correlation to each other, and sometimes its just a musical variety of songs, both in content and style. Live in Living Color! is a cabaret that shows a variety of shows centered around each of the singers personal correlation to Ashland Productions, who put on this well-rounded cabaret. From Pippin to A…


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When I was three years old, my grandparents took me to see a production of The Wizard of Oz. It was my first theatrical experience. Soon after, they began receiving season tickets for The Children’s Theatre Company. Then finally, at the age of six, I got to see The Lion King at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. My love for theatre was created when I was young. I spent many years just watching…


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Every Sentence is For the Birds

Every Sentence is For the Birds was a production put on by The Moving Company, and directed and produced by Dominique Serrand. This show was written by the moving company and was inspired by the real journals of British anthropologists from the 1930s. These journals were based on theories that there were abandoned children living in the wild and morphing into animal like creatures. This was the basis of the show.  There were only two actors In this show, Nathan…


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He May Be A Wimpy Kid, But This Isn't A Wimpy Show

There has been a fad going around the theatre community for quite some time now. It seems that many of the new musicals created these days are based off of books or movies that existed previously. These productions tell the same story, but through the media of musical theater.  Some popular examples include Shrek: The Musical, Carrie: The Musical, and Bring it on: The Musical. Being that converting books or…


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I Would Like To Share With You This Book Of Mormon Review

(makeup review)

The Book Of Mormon is one of the most successful and popular productions to ever grace a Broadway stage. Written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone, creators of hit television comedy South Park, The Book Of Mormon explores the generally considered taboo religion of Mormonism through comedic means. In a manner similar to that of South Park, The Book of Mormon takes the extra step between comedy and pure vulgarity, finding humor in issues such…


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Laughing Silly: Rated G is for Every Audience



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