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Leader Forever in Neverland?

        Leaders are a big deal. Our principals, superintendents, and CEOs represent the coveted leadership all of us want to have. Hardly anyone forgets the name of our current President: George W. —Obama, that is.  In Peter and the Starcatcher, a prequel to the classic story of Peter Pan now showing at the Orpheum Theater, being leader is everything. Molly Aster, a bright, curious, and almost-friendless girl and a nameless boy (who may—maybe—become Peter Pan) tease, argue and compete over…


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"Peter and the Star Catcher" Shoots the Moon

   "Peter and the Star Catcher" is a prequel to the well-known story of the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan. The play (at the Orpheum in Minneapolis March 11-16) is based on the books by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. The fantastical tale shows how the Lost Boys of Neverland found their way to their pirate-infested island home, and the root of the intense rivalry between Peter and his nemesis, Captain Hook. It's got battles, it's got romance, it's got bad puns and awkward sexual innuendos,…


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Have Faith In Peter And The Starcatcher

On Tuesday March 11th, “Peter and The Starcatcher” hooked it’s audience in the Minneapolis Orpheum theatre. Let the prequel to Peter Pan sweep you away to an island of pirates, lost boys, mermaids, and never growing up. At “Peter and the Starcatcher”, anything can happen. In the first act, don’t be surprised if the play reminds you more of a well-rehearsed bedtime story than a touring broadway show.  The play adapted from a children’s…


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Peenie and the Starries

Peter and the Starcatcher is the story before Peter Pan, I rather enjoyed the parallels that the show made between the peter pan story. There were many positive elements of Peter and the star catcher. They all fit together to make a rather original show.

My favorite part of the show was that it was so cohesive, all of the elements of the show all fit together to make an entertaining show. The set itself was simplistic but It has been my favorite set I have seen so far this season. The…


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Dead-Pan and the Cross-Dressing Mermaids

Danielle Wong

Peter and the Starcatcher

Dead-Pan and the Cross-Dressing Mermaids

         The heavy screen depicting a mermaid rolls up and ironically reveals a mass of glimmering tails and... hairy chests? This kind of ironic, silly humor was exactly what could be found in Hennepin Theatre Trust's production of Peter and the Starcatcher, which runs now until March 16th at the Orpheum. Peter was…


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Black Stache Catches the Audience

Black Stache Catches the Audience

By: Jack Bonko

Peter and the Star Catcher

Peter and the Star Catcher at the Orpheum, is as smooth as butter in the hot summer. From the spectacular script to the creative staging, Peter and the Star Catcher was perfect. Peter and the Star Catcher is the prequel to the popular book and show, Peter Pan. It explains certain unanswered questions including, how did Peter get his…


Added by Jack Bonko on March 14, 2014 at 9:04pm — 1 Comment

"Peter and the Starcatcher" Leaps (somewhat) Into the Orpheum

           The villains are not so heinous, the plot is not so realistic, and the heroes are not so grown up. After all, this is Peter and the Starcatcher we are talking about. The play which combines the whimsical tale of how Peter Pan becomes the boy who never grows up with witty over-dramatized comedy has the audience booming with laughter. Taking apart the show’s components one would think that it is an exemplary work, epitomizing what great comedic theater should be. However,…


Added by Taylor Leighton on March 14, 2014 at 12:33pm — 1 Comment

Seamless Nostalgia

Peter and the Starcatcher felt a lot like a children’s theater production cast with all adults. This choice was made very deliberately as this is the prequel to the infamous tale about staying a child forever, Peter Pan. Whimsical youthful energy radiated off of the minimally designed set that seamlessly transitioned from a pirate ship, to a sea, to an island, and then back again thanks to the people all dressed as children and pirates on stage who drove this…


Added by Lydia Sharpe on March 14, 2014 at 1:35am — 1 Comment

The Imaginative World of Peter and the Starcatcher

Peter and The Starcatcher

Lilly Hanson

We've all had dreams of leaving reality and traveling to a far away, magical place.

Your dreams start to come true as you sink into your seat at the Orpheum Theatre on March 11th as you see the new production of Rick Elice's Peter and the Starcatcher.

Based upon the novel written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatcher serves as a prequel to the infamous story of the boy who never grew up. In this… Continue

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Should've Been Called Black Stache and the StarCatcher

Brandon Cayetano

Peter and the StarCatcher


Should’ve Been Called "Black Stache and the StarCatcher"


Peter and the Starcatcher had me both captivated, and bored to death. I have never been on such an emotional roller coaster during a show. Although I had to get used to it, and it had a few bumps in the road, overall, I really did enjoy the play. It’s the prequel to Peter Pan and explains all the backstory to it, from where…


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The Siren Song of the Burly Mermaid

I was super excited to see “Peter and the Starcatcher”.  It was one of my favorite books when I was little and I’ve met both of the authors.  It turns out that the play is way different than the book.  Like, a lot different.  I barely even recognized it.  Which is not to say that it wasn’t good.  Peter was a beautiful play, with an amusing script and a gorgeous set.  It was written by Rick Elice and directed by Roger Rees and Alex Timbers.  “Peter and the Starcatcher” will be…


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You Don't Need to Grow Up

Olivia Skjervold

Peter and the Starcatcher


You Don't Need to Grow Up

             Remember when you believed in magic? Can you keep a secret? Yes? Well listen closely because… it still exists. At the Orpheum Theater through March 16, magic still exists. Peter and the Starcatcher is the show for the inner child that is still somewhere inside every one of us. It is the…


Added by Olivia Skjervold on March 13, 2014 at 11:27pm — 1 Comment

In-ARGH-uably Charming!

In-ARGH-uably Charming!

Abby Thompson



Peter and the Starcatcher set sail and cruised into the Orpheum Theater on Tuesday, March 11th.  As the lights dim, the audience quickly gets their sea legs and climbs aboard into the prequel to Peter Pan. Originally a novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatcher is in-ARGH-uably charming, witty, and in Minneapolis until March 16th.

The original…


Added by Abby Thompson on March 13, 2014 at 11:18pm — 1 Comment

Never InevitableLand! - *Peter and the Starcatcher* at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis

     It can’t be easy turning a children’s book into an outstanding musical, but they did it somehow. Peter and the Starcatcher (March 11-16, 2014, Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis), written by Rick Elice, is a theatrical adaptation of the Peter and the Starcatcher book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Peter and the Starcatcher is the prequel to the Peter Pan stories we all loved as…


Added by Kyle Smeaton on March 13, 2014 at 11:12pm — 1 Comment

Peter, Panned; Oh the Humanity

Peter, Panned; Oh the Humanity 

Maxwell Singer, Critical Review 

Peter and the Starcatcher

Have you ever wished that instead of the the boundless easy out of magic, there was an expanded universe, a less whimsical prequel to Peter Pan? Well, you need not wish anymore. Peter and the Starcatcher, roughly based on the book Peter and the Starcatchers running at the Orpheum  through the 16th of March.…


Added by Maxwell Singer on March 13, 2014 at 11:05pm — 3 Comments

Peter and the Starcatcher Was More Magical Than Stardust!

          A wonderful interpretation of Peter Pan’s prequel, Peter and the Starcatcher, was shown to me on Match 11th at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. In this swashbuckling tale Lord Aster is in charge of delivering a treasure to the Queen aboard the Wasp and his pirate enemy Bill Slank has marked the correct box with an X. And then proceeds to switch the two. Lord Asters daughter, Molly, is traveling on The Neverland due to her father’s wishes and…


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Sophistication vs Whimsy... Why Not Both?

Not to be mistaken for a musical with few songs, the play Peter and the Starcatcher - based on the children's novel Peter and the Starcatchers - is a delightfully cheery means of escape. It has the ideal combination of masterful adult theatrics and a whimsical childhood imagination. It tells of the backstory to Peter Pan - Peter Pan: The Prequel, if you will - wherein two ships are battling it out, the Wasp and the Neverland, for two different trunks that were…


Added by Alison Grausam on March 13, 2014 at 10:04pm — 1 Comment

I defiantly saw stars...

There are a finite amount of shows that make me feel things, real emotions that don’t seem to conform to the words I use to describe them. These shows are magic. They find the place deep inside you where theatre speaks to your soul. Peter and the Star Catcher is one of those shows. The brilliant origin story of the most beloved of children’s heroes, Peter Pan, found the spot in me where the raw nerves are and touched all of them. I left the theatre feeling…


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Peter and the Star Catcher Is Magical

Peter and The Star Catcher, to simply put it, was a gem. The premiss of the play itself is the origin story of the notable childhood classic character, Peter Pan. I was already fond of the concept but after seeing this play, it became one of my favorite plays I have ever seen. That itself should testify for it’s wonder but the cast, the effects as well as staging and story telling wrapped it all together. I had no prior knowledge of the show, besides the information I had gathered from a…


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OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD or This Play Is Made of Starstuff

    With dazzlingly simplistic staging, side-splitting and poignant writing, and incredible ensemble work,…


Added by Abilene Olson on March 13, 2014 at 8:26pm — 1 Comment




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