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Minnesota Finge Festival: A Woman In Berlin

Simplicity can be beautiful, and for a show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival this can be a necessity. So I found myself sitting in the Nimbus Theatre…


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FRINGE: Growing Into My Beard

        Beginning his one man show of “Growing Into My Beard” for the 2015 Fringe Festival, Bay Bryan walked down the center isle singing and only wearing a long green scarf resembling a beard and a pair of underwear. Once finished with his song, we as an audience were hit with a hilarious and song filled story of Bryan’s love life in Scotland, his auditions for shows in New York, and his life of growing up “a ginger” in Colorado. Bryan was obviously a red head and he didn’t try to hide it,…


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Why Now?

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Kinky Boots 

Why Now?

When you are in a room full of teenagers who want to change the world for the better, the talk about society and rights of other people is always a repetitive topic. Now, when you are with teenagers and they do want to change the world and are also obsessed…


Added by Naveh Shavit-Lonstein on July 30, 2015 at 1:46pm — No Comments

Everybody Say "Yeah" for Kinky Boots

I didn’t really have any expectations as I walked into the Orpheum Theater on July 28th. All I knew was that Kinky Boots was about a lot more that shoes. It turns out that there is even more than I thought to this musical, and the audience can leave with a feeling of empowerment to accept others for who they are. The show runs until Sunday, August 2nd…


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As soon as you enter the theater for Once it is clear that this is a different kind of show from the rest of the Broadway season. When you enter the theater, instead of a still stage, the stage is alive with the actors having a jam session. In addition the audience is allowed to mill around onstage, which creates an entirely new atmosphere for the theater. The lights slowly fade out as the music continues until it is completely dark and the play…


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Everyone Should See Once, Once

This isn’t your shimmery lighting, jazzy dancing, flashy singing type of musicals. All preconceived notions of what a typical musical looks like should be defenestrated. In its place stands Once directed by John Tiffany. Playing at the State Theater through June 28, the show’s raw emotions and captivating instrumentation will have the audience wanting to see it twice.

The show takes place in Dublin, Ireland, where a struggling musician broods over his music and a past love.…


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Once is simply "Gold"

Walking into the State Theatre for Once felt like what I imagine walking into an Irish pub on an open mic night might feel like. The stage was filled with people, both audience members and actors from the show. Behind the people on the stage was a mirror covered brick wall and a bar. The actors on stage were all playing music and singing from the time that we walked into the theatre until the start of the…


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Go See "Once" While You Still Have Time!

           Once the Musical, playing at the State Theater until the 28th of June, is likely not like any musical you’ve seen before, which may or may not be a good thing. Even before the actual show starts, it brings new ideas into play -- most notably, when you walk in to be seated there is already a performance happening in the form of…


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For Once in Your Life, Go Watch a Musical!

For Once in Your Life, Go Watch a Musical!

Camryn Schake

If you and your friends are searching for a solid piece of entertainment, look no further!  The State Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota currently presents the raw and engaging musical Once from June 23rd to the 28th.  This Tony Award winning performance induces laughter and innocence, while still using foul…


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"Falling Slowly" for Once


   Once tells a story of two broken-hearted misfits rediscovering love- love for people, love for the world, love for music.  This story is told through awkward pauses, strategically placed subtitles, and beautiful music.…


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Love Story Once Again. Kind of.

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Once the Musical 

Love Story Once Again. Kind of.

Many people, believe that in this world, our true love is found only once. In the award wining musical, Once, that idea is brought to life in a way that no cliché love story has ever done before. 

The big difference between this musical and almost every other theater experience I have seen is each actor plays a very specific instrument in the show. There is no…


Added by Naveh Shavit-Lonstein on June 25, 2015 at 4:54pm — No Comments

A Once in a Lifetime Experience - Ha...Get It?

 I walk into the theater to find my seat. To my surprise there is a festive hoedown(or shindig if you prefer) going on onstage!  Audience members were welcome to go up on the set and hang out alongside the cast.  This was the first indication for how Once was produced which can be summed up by one word: organic.  This show strived to produce an element of authenticity to show that what was happening onstage was real life.  This realistic portrayal of…


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Once- The Irish Road Trip

Once, a minimalist show based off of the Indie film with the same name, played at the State Theater in Minneapolis this past Tuesday. Once is a musical about the character “Guy” and his relationship, friendship, and love for a girl that he recently met in an Irish bar. Once is like a car ride down a bumpy road in Ireland with many moments that make you bounce around without realizing the damage being done to your emotions. …


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Once Was More Than Enough

As I walked in and sat in my seat at the State Theatre on June 22nd, waiting for the show Once to begin, I was very confused.  The cast was already on stage dancing and playing music while allowing the audience on stage to get a closer look.  Although it was…


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I Wouldn’t Trade Once for Gold

As I walked into the State Theater on June 23rd, I had to ask myself if I’d wandered into an Irish Pub. It turns out I was indeed in the correct place, but the magic of Once was present. A truly new musical, Once tells the story of a Hoover vacuum repair man and a Czechoslovakian immigrant to Dublin coming together to share a passion for music and making their dreams come true. With a raw and passionate soundtrack, Once is every hipster indie lover’s dream, which…


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I Ended Up Falling Fast, But I Don't Think It Was Love

Confused. From the moment I entered the theatre, I was confused. People standing on the stage as the show’s musicians played. A semi-circle of the general public looking slightly bored, around a circle of talented musicians of the show. I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not initially, however it was soon apparent that this was a fundamental flaw in a show full of contradictions and misfitted parts, though a beautiful story and message when in the moment. The two large and pulling…


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Showcase on All the Spotlight Kids

The State Theater stage is bare with no hint of any set or set pieces. Instead, the stage is filled with the talented youth of Minnesota. The show was performed with incredible energy that reflected the tone and mood of the medleys of shows or songs. These high school students, whether performers, technicians, musicians, or involved elsewhere, gave their all and made the Spotlight Showcase a memorable and enjoyable evening for everyone in the theatre.

The Spotlight Musical Theatre… Continue

Added by Hannah Paulsen on June 19, 2015 at 11:30pm — No Comments

Spotlight on High School Theatre (and Tyler Michaels)

George Mulder

Spotlight Showcase 2015

Spotlight on High School Theatre (and Tyler Michaels)

Where would any actor be without their high school drama department? Even Sutton Foster and Darren Criss both said at the 2015 Tony Awards that their high school drama teachers were their inspirations. The Spotlight Musical Theatre Program encourages high school students all around the state of Minnesota to celebrate and empower their musical…


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Jersey Boys (re-post because it got deleted?)

Flashing lights, a killer band, people rocking along to their favorite oldies.. sounds like a typical concert right? Wrong. You have just found yourself at Jersey Boys, a musical about four foul-mouthed Jersey natives, The Four Seasons. This upbeat jukebox musical holds special moments where you will need to remind yourself that you are, in fact, still sitting in the beautiful seats of the Orpheum Theatre and not watching American Bandstand live. One…


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Jersey Boys

Immersive is the operative word with which I would describe the traveling production of the Tony-winning Jersey Boys, playing at the Orpheum Theatre. From its overflow of cultural references and authentic performances of classic tunes, while I was viewing the show I felt as though I was being out of much seat in 2015, into its vast time period from the 1950s through the 1980s. The production shows the story of the Four Seasons, a doo-wop group of four guys from New Jersey. Through the lenses of… Continue

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