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Don't let the comfortable purple chairs and alluring foggy air fool you. This calming, homey atmosphere vanishes the second Inga opens her mouth. Despite high energy, her whiny, heavily accented voice and constant snorting is highly deterring. Luckily her partner Dimitri was soft spoken and had a more pleasant presence. Together, Inga and Dimitri told of their journey to America with the performance of exceptional covers, but musical talent was really all the duo had to offer. The storyline…


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Kinky Boots Could've Pushed Further

    Kinky Boots opens on an old factory front, but quickly fills the stage with music and a lively cast. The Orpheum theater’s stage hosted this vibrant musical from July 28th through August 2nd. Everyone in the audience was delighted by not only jokes and witty dialogue throughout the show, but by the sheer joy emitted by the performers. On an entertainment level this show was flawless.

    The story of Kinky Boots tells of a young boy (Charlie) who’s father owns a shoe factory,…


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Fringe: Oregon Trail

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Fringe:The Oregon Trial

Maybe head out West. away from the show

I love history and and I love road trips. But this historical road trip did not do it for me. While knowing very little of the history and the video game, the inside jokes were not the biggest problem for me. The script is written in a very funny manner and the story was well…


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The Young Artists Council brings just the kind of unique entertainment fringe festival wants and needs to the Mixed Blood Theatre in this new rendition of the 80’s classic The Breakfast Club. Bursting with creativity this performance provides a fresh, witty parody of a film loved and remembered by many. You’ll be blown away to discover that the show was entirely produced and executed by kids under 18! It still features your five favorite stereotypes in the most memorable film…


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Minnesota Finge Festival: Oregon Trail, A Musical

Oregon Trail, an important milestone in American history, beloved video game, a musical? The musical adaptation of a classic game is being put on for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, at the Mixed Blood Theatre.…


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Minnesota Finge Festival: Everything You've Done That Hurt Me

Twenty pages, three songs, and one notebook. That’s all it takes apparently to make a great show at this year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival. Everything You’ve Done That Hurt Me, playing at the Mixed Blood…


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FRINGE: Me, You, and Steve

        It is ROMANCE verses BROMANCE in the Fringe’s romantic comedy, “Me, You, and Steve”! Erin is engaged to the love of her life named Josh, who loves her equally back. Although Josh is committed to Erin, he seems to have his best friend Steve along every time he and Erin are together. With the upcoming wedding of Josh and Erin, Erin wants to find a way to have more time with Josh, away from his best friend Steve, without ruining the wedding by upsetting Josh.

        Even though…


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FRINGE: You Want a Jingle for What?

        There isn’t much you can be confused about when it comes to a show titled, “You Want a Jingle for What?”. Plain and simple, the entire show is a small showcase of pieces written by a jingle and song writer named Patrick Ireland. I felt the stage atmosphere of the show was very similar to one a night musician at a bar.

        As a whole, this is a very unusual Fringe show in the fact that it does feature a real storyline or theatrical aspect. There is no real acting of…


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FRINGE: The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret

        A story of secret agendas, inner thoughts, competition, persuasion, and opera is the perfect description of the Fringe Festival’s “The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret”. The story is focused on a woman named Harriet who regrets ending and wants back her relationship with a man named John Caldwell. She is to have tea with John’s current wife named Margaret. Along with the two women at tea, are their inner voices, portrayed in human form, to advise them in executing their…


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Fringe: An Autistic Life Through History

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Fringe: An Autistic Life Through History 

The Good Kind of Simple

An Autistic Life Through History is not a show about a man who is autistic. It is not even a show about the how the mind of a man who is autistic may work differently. It is plainly and simply about how a man with autism sees us and himself in the everyday. As Thomas struggled with the fine points of adult behavior, connecting history with reality helped Thomas understand how…


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Fringe: Couple Fight

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

This show is a knockout 

Usually fights that are serious or upsetting have to stay serious, there is little place for humor. But Couple Fight did just that. Starring six couples, (including two same gender relationships, which I was happy about) the show brought together the funny, serious and weird types of relationships that these performers have had as a couple. One of the biggest parts that I loved about the show is that it stemmed from…


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Minnesota Fringe Festival: Minnesota Moon- Rarig Thrust Stage

Minnesota Moon is the perfect show to end a night at the Fringe Festival. The young cast consists of two seniors in high school playing two seniors in high school. The only difference between them and the characters they are playing is the time period. Instead of having adults play these characters, these teenagers brought realistic and believable moments to the script. Minnesota Moon takes place in 1963 in the midst of the Vietnam war, a time that…


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Minnesota Fringe Festival: The Falling Up of Shel Silverstein- Rarig Xperimental Stage

The Falling Up of Shel Silverstein is the reason why the Fringe Festival is so important to Minneapolis. This work of art brought us through a time in this Chicago native’s life that isn’t noticeable in his poems. A show like this is essential to see because it opens up your mind to a life that is worse off than your own. A story about someone who came from the bottom to rise to fame. The script was beautifully written, bringing us inside the mind of…


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Minnesota Fringe Festival: Seriously Bugged- The Ritz

Seriously Bugged! is a musical that does a perfect job at confusing audiences in all aspects of theater. The show forced the audience with a below average book and constant black outs between each thirty second scene. Seriously Bugged! also was “different” because when a song ended the audience didn’t applaud. Nothing was happening that would have cut the dramatic tension that usually causes no applause, but more people didn’t know if they liked what…


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Minnesota Fringe Festival: Flow- Rarig Thrust Stage

Flow is a dance review that does something that most fringe shows do, become memorable in all of the wrong reasons. This show was supposed to bring the audience on a trip, but instead made us pay more attention to other activities that we may have planned for the weekend. The choreography was delivered with little emphasis and push.  A couple moments in the show were beautiful. These times only lasted for 35 seconds at the most and then chopped away by a…


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Minnesota Finge Festival: Heartless

Sounds echo in the small intimate Nimbus theatre as giants stomp on through. Heartless, a production put on as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival by the theatrical company, Impossible Salt celebrates folk tales. This interesting production combines folk songs with movement to create an artistic rendition of an old folktale. Though without it’s clunky charm with it’s long scene changes, and lack of a real feeling of a resolution because of no apparent moral. The show instead finds its…


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Minnesota Finge Festival: A Woman In Berlin

Simplicity can be beautiful, and for a show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival this can be a necessity. So I found myself sitting in the Nimbus Theatre…


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FRINGE: Growing Into My Beard

        Beginning his one man show of “Growing Into My Beard” for the 2015 Fringe Festival, Bay Bryan walked down the center isle singing and only wearing a long green scarf resembling a beard and a pair of underwear. Once finished with his song, we as an audience were hit with a hilarious and song filled story of Bryan’s love life in Scotland, his auditions for shows in New York, and his life of growing up “a ginger” in Colorado. Bryan was obviously a red head and he didn’t try to hide it,…


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Why Now?

Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Kinky Boots 

Why Now?

When you are in a room full of teenagers who want to change the world for the better, the talk about society and rights of other people is always a repetitive topic. Now, when you are with teenagers and they do want to change the world and are also obsessed…


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Everybody Say "Yeah" for Kinky Boots

I didn’t really have any expectations as I walked into the Orpheum Theater on July 28th. All I knew was that Kinky Boots was about a lot more that shoes. It turns out that there is even more than I thought to this musical, and the audience can leave with a feeling of empowerment to accept others for who they are. The show runs until Sunday, August 2nd…


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