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New Heroes + New Seasons = 2014 Ivey's

            The Ivey’s are a place where people celebrate and acknowledge the heroes of theater in the Minneapolis area.  The awards show gets its name from The Ivey restaurant.  This was the hottest place to be after a show in the 1900’s.  After hundreds of awards have been handed out to very deserving actors and artists around the community over many years, I was given the most fortunate opportunity to attend the…


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The New Electric Baloney

The New Electric Ballroom

George Mulder

The New Electric Baloney

Confusion is just an unpleasant realm of thought. The New Electric Ballroom is just that- confusing. Put on by the Frank Theatre company at the New Century Theatre, this drama with a hint of comedy is a sleepy, repetitive play. It conveys the story of three women living together. Two of the women are psychotic in a way that none of us knows, and the other is their informal caretaker. A fish delivery…


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The New Electric Ballroom Review

The New Electric Ballroom

Karina Strom

                                                            A New Electric Drama

            Edna’s Walsh’s ‘The New Electric Ballroom’ at the New Century Theater on Friday night challenged the audience’s everyday perception of depression throughout your life and life itself. Through only four characters, Patsy (Patrick Bailey) the local fisherman who seems to be trapped in his own ways and everyday life, Ada (Virginia Burke), the…


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The Book of Mormon

After seeing The Book of Mormon, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with several of the cast members. I was most interested in figuring out what makes national tours different from a show that stays in one place. I learned that it's kind of a crazy process. They talked all about how travelling from place to place is really fun, but it's also quite stressful -- Trying to find a place to stay, moving in and loading up, tearing down, dealing with different performance spaces and…


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Mormons React to The Book of Mormon

Olivia Skjervold

The Book of Mormon

Mormons React to “The Book of Mormon”


Opening my playbill of the critically acclaimed and tony award winning musical, The Book of Mormon, by the creators of South Park and known for its offensive content and mocking portrayal of religion, I was astonished to discover, not one, not two, but three full page ads promoting Mormonism itself. It seemed like an ironic joke to see the title page of The Book of…


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Racist or Satirical?

When The Book of Mormon opened on Broadway, it did so with some apprehension. The show centers around making fun of the Mormon religion, or religion in general. Such a thing is a touchy subject in the media and show business. Just the year before, The Scottsboro Boys was shut down after three months on Broadway due to protests and objections to the way the show dealt with…


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The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon- a silly musical written by the creators of South Park- opened in Minneapolis recently. The show offers a comedic lens to view and critique religion. After seeing the show, we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with two members of the ensemble- Jake Emmerling and Eric Huffman. They played characters such as Elders and demons in Elder Price's "Hell Dream". 

Emmerling and Huffman both joined the show in November of 2012. They expressed their joy within the show-…


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Book of Mormon is a hilariously funny musical, which openly makes fun of the Mormon religion. The musical comments on many of the more widely known Mormon beliefs, which to many non-Mormons seem at times to be a little far-fetched. But just how accurate is the musical in how it talks about Mormon beliefs? What do Mormons really believe?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was indeed founded by Joseph Smith, who had visions in the early 1820's…


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The Truth in Ridiculing: The Book of Mormon

George Mulder

The Book of Mormon

The Truth in Ridiculing

Who would have thought that the Tony’s best musical from 2011 would be hated by an entire group of people? The Book of Mormon is playing at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis through September 14. It is a comedic take on being a Mormon and going on a mission at the age of 19. Audience members have found it disturbing to their own ways of life. The question is, do Mormons find it amusing?



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Behind the Book

The Book of Mormon is a sheer delight for audience members who enjoy witty comedic musicals (and don’t mind poking fun at religious institutions). What the audience sees, however, is just a snippet of the work and preparation that goes into creating such a detailed and rhythmic piece.

After Tuesday night’s show, I had the opportunity to hear from two members of the exquisite cast. They were able to cast some light on the happenings that occur before and after the audience even…


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Book of Mormon: The Sequel

            My head reeled. It was like seeing two events happen simultaneously. As the curtain rose for the evening’s performance, I realized that I would be watching two versions of The Book of Mormon. One, on stage. And the other performance was going to replay from my memory of seeing exactly the same play seven months before. The two had much in common. Certain aspects of both the new and old performance were exactly the same: the set, the costumes, and—for the most part—the…


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Life on Tour

 After watching the magical production that is The Book of Mormon, a group of Critical Review students were given the opportunity to talk with two of the amazing cast members from the show: Jake Emmerling, and Eric Huffman. 

One of the most interesting things that they discussed was the similarities and differences between their specific tour and the other three productions that are happening simultaneously on Broadway, in London, and the second United States tour. While each…


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Closed Minds

Closed Minds

By: Jack Bonko

If you felt it was your last day on earth and had no way to change it  would you be angry? Would you be upset if one of your family members passed away? Who would you shift the blame to? The government? The country? The world? Even God? As the world becomes more aware about sensitive subjects in other countries from the press it has sparked controversial shows in the theatre world. Artists love to write…


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Becoming Mormon

Karina Strom

The Book Of Mormon

Becoming Morman

What’s it like to be in a traveling production of The Book of Mormon? I found out all about it at the Orpheum Theater on Tuesday night, thanks to Jake Emmerling and Eric Huffman from the show’s ensemble.

​“We get to have three suitcases and a trunk on tour.” Said the guys. “Even things little things like finding places to grab coffee in the morning can be tough…or finding where the gym is.” However, there were many great things… Continue

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Humor Is Key

     The Book Of Mormon has a certain type of raw humor. Learning how laugh out loud humor such as this works is a key part of being a comedic performer. The amount of joy a humorous show can bring to people from all walks of life is truly magnificent. There is no match for the energy a performer feels after bringing such pleasure to an audience. 

     “Some of the best advice my director gave me would have to be, ‘Just let the material speak for it’s self.”’ Says…


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Saying "Hello" to Actors from "The Book of Mormon"

“The Book of Mormon” is a very sensory show.  From the lavish, 12 million dollar set, to the stellar singing and dancing, this show is highly entertaining. 

After seeing the show I got the privilege to meet with and ask questions of Jake Emmerling and Eric Huffman, two of the ensemble members who have been with this production since its birth November 1st, 2012.  Two years ago the show came to the Twin Cities but neither of the two were in it. Why? The reason is because…


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How Theater Magic Is Maintained: REVEALED

Mishaps and mayhem--both controlled and unplanned--are inevitable things in the theater. So are moments that can only be described as...magic! This we learn from Jake Emmerling and Eric Huffman of The Book Of Mormon.

After watching an exhilarating show during which we ran the gauntlet of emotion, from wildly entertained to mildly (okay, maybe not so mildly) offended, a relatively small group of students from Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Critical Review Program made our way…


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The Four Humors Does Every Show In The Fringe

The Four Humors Does Every Show In The Fringe was a comedic improv show that got it’s laughs by making fun of other Fringe shows, which is a great idea and I wish I’d thought of it. This was the very first improv show I’ve ever been to and I loved it. This time they tried to perform Blue Moon Theatre Company’s production Fish Stories. The actors recovered from bouts of laughter seamlessly. I especially liked the guest…


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Negative Negative Production’s Habibi

Negative Negative Production’s Habibi was a sad story of love and loss, and like some other beautiful stories, it did not have a happy ending. I’ve never understood why some people insist that all stories have happy endings. Life itself doesn’t have a happy ending, so why should every story? The three actors in this show were all extremely talented and they made their characters feel like living breathing people. I…


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The Coldhart’s Edgar Allan

The Coldhart’s production Edgar Allan was bone tinglingly creepy and it gave me goosebumps within the first few minutes. I loved the use of the ukulele and the trumpet for the musical accompaniment. If it were possible for me to buy the soundtrack of this show, I would get it in a heartbeat. Katie Hartman, who played Edgar Allan had a beautifully creepy voice that made my spine shiver. Ms. Hartman’s portrayal of young…


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