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The musical Pippin is the story of the young prince Pippin, son of Charlemagne, who is searching for a purpose and place in life. His journey leads him too many different places including a battlefield which leads him realize the cruelty of his father, to rebelling and leading a peasant revolt, and finally to a small village where he meets a women and her young son. Although this is the story line the show is truly about the nature of plays, and is a sort of play within a play. For…


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George Mulder

They Did Some Magic, But What Else?

Pippin is full of amazing tricks and acts of a circus. But is that all you want in a Broadway musical? Pippin is running at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis from February 17-22. There are thrilling parts in it, but not in the story. After hearing so many great things about the show after the past few years, it was underwhelming. It is about a boy trying to do extraordinary things in his life…


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Pippin the Extraordinary!

Brilliant music, beautiful costumes, stunning acrobatics, mind-boggling magic, and a moral-filled plot had me entranced from the moment the curtain rose at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday night. Pippin, showing from now until February 22, tells the story of a young man’s search for truth and meaning in life. Pippin (Sam Lips) tries education, war, religion, art, and sex, but nothing seems to be satisfactory or fulfilling. Finally he is thrust into the simple…


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This Mardi Gras I was certainly treated to a show quite of lush extravagance and spectacle, quite worth of the indulgent holiday. The touring production of Pippin, playing at the Orpheum Theatre, is a unique and energy filled event. However like the marquee New Orleans celebration, the show is left to awkwardly clean up after the adventurous escapades are over. The musical tells the story of the titular prince (Sam Lips) , son of Charlemagne (John Rubinstein), and his quest to find fulfillment… Continue

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These Players are "On the Right Track"

A magical scene awaits those who plan to attend “Pippin” at the Orpheum Theater. Combining the elements of the theatrical world with those of the circus, an incredible, visually appealing production is on the stage through February 22nd.

For those of you who don’t know the story, “Pippin” is about a young man, Pippin, who is…


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Karina Strom


Pippin Review

“Pippin” opened at the Orpheum theater on tuesday night and did a great job of making people smile. Based on the book by Roger O. Hirson, the main character, Pippin, is the son of fictional Emperor Charlemagne. The show opens with a circus troupe inviting the audience to watch as they tell the magical story of Pippin’s life. If audience’s…


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As you enter the Orpheum, you are drawn into a big top, and consequently the life of a young man named Pippin who’s on a search. It is a modern journey through love, sex, war and politics despite its odd setting of the Middle Ages. You are able to relatably follow this common man as he seeks fulfillment, but while trying to decide where the ridiculous storyline is heading. It truly is "high-flying" and "death-defying" visually, but heeds some questionable elements. For those of you who, like…


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Let's Go To The Circus

I liked “Pippin”.  But I didn’t like Pippin.

“Pippin” is the story of Pippin, a remarkably unremarkable young man in search of fulfillment.  The son of a king, he is surrounded by eccentric characters but possesses no remarkable traits of his own.  Undeterred by this, Pippin quests for purpose through different avenues--love, sex, rebellion, war, the arts, simple life, the list goes on.  Having experienced each, he pronounces himself unsatisfied…


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Spread a Little Pippin!

Spread a Little Pippin!

Camryn Schake

From February 17th to February 22nd, “Pippin” is being performed live at the Orpheum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Come and see the marvelous production with a circus twist that brings the timeless classic to life! The story follows the telling of a medieval tale about a young man named Pippin (Sam Lips), son of King Charles (John…


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Pippin, frankly, leaves the audience stunned. In both good and bad ways. The twist ending leaves us questioning the meaning of the show, while the show stopping acrobatic and musical performances leave us in awe.

All the actors are highly skilled. They not only act and sing, but they do so while dancing and performing acrobatics. Pippin had a blatantly strong ensemble. No one performer was an obviously weak link: no one was the one person who was designated to perform all the…


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Pippin: A Magical Must-See

For someone as critical as myself, it's not every day you see theatre that leaves you with nothing to complain about. Even during the most seemingly flawless shows I can find a time to scoff at an unenthusiastic ensemble member or roll my eyes at an uninspired love song. I'll pick apart just about anything, so it shouldn't be taken lightly when I say that "Pippin" playing at the Orpheum Theater is near perfect.  


Pippin is packed with…


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The circus is in town!

     Oh wait, it’s just the musical Pippin, at the Orpheum Theater. Pippin is a spectacle that can’t be missed. In this show, the story of Pippin is told by a circus troop. These performers doing their individual circus acts within the medieval tale of a boy’s quest to find meaning in his life, create an engaging, surprising, and relatable show.

    Pippin brings together circus and theater to create a non-stop experience. Combining different styles of performance arts is a rising…


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Time to Start Living

I had been looking forward to seeing “Pippin” ever since I first heard of it on the Tony Awards. The opening song, “Magic To Do” caught hold of my interest immediately. When I saw that “Pippin was one of the touring Broadway productions that would perform at the Orpheum during their 2014-2015 season, I was ecstatic. “Pippin” was created by Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson. The revival production was directed by Diane Paulus and choreographed by Chet Walker. “Pippin” is…


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Flips, Tricks, and Magic.... But no storyline??

                Currently showing at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota is Pippin the musical. Pippin is the story of a man named Pippin that is trying to find…


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Come and waste an hour or two!

Join us! Come to the Orpheum now until February 22nd to experience Pippin, the magical circus revival of the famous Stephen Schwartz musical that asks the age old question, “what am I supposed to do with my life?” In the show, we follow Pippin (Sam Lips) on his journey of self-discovery, as he searches to be something more than just ordinary. I walked into the theatre with high expectations, but little did…


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Pippin: Extraordinarily

Only once in a while do I come across a show that compels me to keep my eyes glued to the stage the entire time. The touring production of Pippin, currently playing at the Orpheum Theatre was that show for me. Director Diane Paulus did a phenomenal job telling the story of Pippin (Sam Lips), a prince and the son of Charlemagne, as he embarks on a journey to find fulfillment in his life with the help of numerous circus performers, namely the Leading Player (Sasha…


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Pippin is Extraordinary

Jenna Fischer


Pippin is playing at the Orpheum Theater through February 22 and there is no way you can miss this stunning show. It is by far my favorite of the season so far. On Broadway, Pippin won four Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival and Best. Pippin tells the story of a young man - Pippin who is finding it hard to find his passion in life, trying everything from school to war to love. On his both meaningful and humorous journey we meet his father…


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If you are looking for a show with spectacular acrobats, beautiful costumes, bold heroes and dignified leading ladies then by all means come and see Pippin!. Pippin! opened Tuesday 17th on the Orpheum stage and will run until February 22nd. I urge you to see this show. It has won four 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival. This show masters Bob Fosse choreography with a comedic spin. Jazz hands are a direct representation of Bob Fosse’s choreography which is seen through the sexy… Continue

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Seeking Extraodinary

Seeking Extraordinary


Maxwell Singer

The show starts with the announcement that they’re going to have a show. It comes as no surprise when they continue onstage for the next two acts, having a show. Pippin is the concurrent narrative of Pippin, a mostly fictionalized prince seeking fulfillment in addition to an occasionally unpolished troupe putting on the show of a…


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Pippin shows us the world!

              When The Leading Player’s shadow filled the curtain that separated the audience from the magic that we were about to witness, my only thought was “this is going to be good”. It’s such an insignificant thing, and yet it can say so much about where the show will take you.               

              The curtains were snatched away and the overwhelming sight of contortion and color was revealed like a jump in…


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