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This Little Show... Was a Miracle!

Captivating story met with equally engaging choreography! The show Matilda is based on the immortal children’s book by Roald Dahl, where a child prodigy discovers her own telekinetic abilities as she navigates the horrors of her horrible school and neglectful parents. This production of Matilda, the show that has broken the record for most Olivier Awards won by a musical, had an eye-popping aesthetic that carried the audience back to the place where the original story was published: Great… Continue

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The King & An Outstanding Show

I have never felt sympathy for a king, but this show made my heart go out to the wealthiest, most powerful man in his country. The King & I (by the transcendent Rodgers & Hammerstein) has won Tony’s for Best Musical and Best Revival (twice!), and has been produced in nearly every English-speaking country since its musical debut in 1951. Based on the true story of Anna Leonowens, the governess for the King of Siam (now Thailand) from 1862-1867, this is a multifaceted tale of compromise… Continue

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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Production I Enjoy)

As a disclaimer, I want to make sure it is abundantly clear that I am biased against this production of Mamma Mia! When I saw the 2014 National Broadway Tour of this show, I was instantly captivated by the tales of love and nostalgia set on the small Greek island of Kalokairi, and it was the musical that made me fall in love with musicals. So, this production had to meet high expectations. Although the farewell tour of Mamma Mia! featuring the songs of ABBA was not awful to watch, but it was… Continue

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This Show Had One Job...

...And it kinda delivered. This show, based on the iconic 1992 thriller starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, had breathtaking solo performances, innovative video design, and a legendary finale, but the characterization and duets/trios in The Bodyguard failed to give me chills- besides the kind created by jump scares. Overall, the show was a fun way to spend a Tuesday night, but had a clunky delivery that only a fan of the movie could love.

It is not surprising that the music… Continue

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Come to Fun Home!

If only there was a movie, too! Fun Home, the Tony Award-winning musical based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel/memoir of the same name, is a deeply emotional show centered around Alison’s discovery that she is a lesbian, amidst her own grief after her father’s suicide- which partially coincided with her coming out. This story, set in three separate times in Alison’s life (childhood, teenage, middle-age) displayed Alison’s growth alongside her father’s dissolution with perfectly balanced humor… Continue

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The Curious Incident of My Ears in the Orpheum Theater

The lighting and sound people had a heyday with this one, folks. In Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, (based on the book by the same name,) imagination ran supreme when a boy discovered his neighbor’s dog had been murdered, and he set off to solve the mystery, despite the harsh warnings of his father. Due to the the stream-of-consciousness format of the show, the set was just a black grid wall and a few boxes. This minimalist set placed the burden of visual interest on lighting and… Continue

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We Have [Very Few] Troubles Here

One word to describe the musical Cabaret: Shocking. Set in 1930s (a.k.a early Nazi) Berlin, this revolutionary musical is part of Roundabout Theatre Production’s 50th anniversary tour- and for good reason. Cabaret serves as a dual romance/political commentary centering around two couples, Sally and Cliff (a burlesque dancer and a wandering writer, respectively,) and Fräulein Schneider and Herr Schultz (a boarding house manager and a Jewish fruit shop owner, respectively) whose historically… Continue

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No More Time For Puns- This Show Is Fantastic

What would my life look like if I had made different choices earlier in my life? The musical, If/Then, tackles these questions and more with a one-of a kind-plot structure, honest lyrics and much, much more. When newly-divorced Elizabeth moves to New York City to find a new life, she makes one choice that splits her life into two different paths. This musical follows those two paths and reflects on how choices affect our lives, as well as those around us. This show left me with chills and… Continue

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Lucky I'm A Girl Who Loves Music

What do vaudeville, the Great Depression, and stage moms have in common? The musical, Gypsy! In the elegant Pantages Theater, Hennepin Theatre Company delivers a lovingly crafted production of this classic show. Based on a true story, this musical, set in the Roaring Twenties and into the grittiest parts of the Great Depression, follows the life of Louise, a clumsy child actress raised in the shadow of her charming sister, June, by her ostentatious and forceful mother, Rose. I adored this play… Continue

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Now Is The Time To Seize Your Ticket

“Newsies Stop The World!” The renowned musical, Newsies, has been long-awaited by fans across the globe and meets every expectation for success. Set in turn-of-the-century New York City, this tale of rebellion and woe tells the story of Jack Kelly, a Robin Hood with dreams of leaving the injustices of the city for a simpler life in the mountains. However, when Jack discovers the price for newspapers for his fellow newsies (who are often young, devastatingly poor orphans) has been raised… Continue

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I Have Decided to Marry This Musical

When impoverished Monty D’Ysquith Navarro learns that he is the distant heir to the lordship of Highhurst, blood runs thicker than water as Monty creatively murders his own kin for wealth and power. In this vastly entertaining musical about a young man’s adventures as a killer, only love can trump the drama of death itself, as Monty is the suitor to two very different women: Sibella, the coquettish wife to a boring man she only married for wealth, and Phoebe, the lovably…


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A "Beautiful" Irony

The show, Beautiful: A Carole King Musical, was all about Carole King, a renowned musician and writer, yet, ironically, the play struggled with musicality and scene writing. Although there were some facets of the this musical worth witnessing, like the ensemble’s performances and the hilarious one-liners, this was an underwhelming show on the whole.

Musically, this show was mediocre to okay-plus. the choral ensemble’s work on their feature performances deserves some recognition; their… Continue

Added by R. Grace Carey on November 21, 2015 at 2:45pm — 1 Comment


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