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A Childlike Wonder in Matilda the Musical by Meghan Katers

      Matilda is one of the best musicals of all times, and this production was to exception. They may as well as called it "Matilda the magnificent". Showing it at the Orpheum theatre in Minnesota March 28th, it was the performance of a life time. That is not to say it was without flaw, but nothing every really is. This charming story of a bookworm little girl named Matilda overcoming adversity is both heartwarming and inspiring. This is a must see musical.…

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This was the King of musicals

    This was the King of musicals. I have not seen something so satisfying in a while. The acting was fabulous, the technical aspects of the show were almost flawless, and how the cultural elements were incorporated was fantastic. This musical, Rodger and Hammerstein's The King and I performed on February 28th at the Orpheum theatre, was a once in a lifetime experience. It is very evident that the entire cast put in tremendous amounts of work to make this show seemingly…


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The Body Guard The Musical

   This movie made musical The Body Guard was showing at the Orpheum from January from the 10th to the 15th, and it was quite endearing and enjoyable to watch. The romance between Rachel Marron (Deborah Cox) and her body guard Frank Farmer (Judson Mills) is heartwarming, though it is not without suspense. The whole time the danger of her stalker looms in the background of their fairy tale (Jorge Paniagua). It was not without flaws, but it was entertaining. The musical abilities in this show…


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Take a chance on this musical


Mama Mia is a classic to go see in theatre, and always leaves the crowds satisfied. On February 7th at the Orpheum theatre this rendition was no exception, that is why I always urge to take a chance on this musical. One of the classics, this musical brings a lifelong tale of romance with a twist. Sophie’s wedding is coming up, and  her mother is driving herself crazy with preparation, but little does she know her sanity will really be put to…


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A surprisingly fun musical to watch

      Though Fun Home, a musical performed at the Orpheum theatre December 13th through the 18th, was a musical about some hard hitting topics it maintained a delightful mix of lightheartedness and meaning full qualities throughout the musical. I honestly did not have many judgments throughout the show because halfway through I just sat back and enjoyed it. It is a musical that anyone can take a lesson from, but is especially meaningful for people in the lbgtq community. I think Fun Home was…


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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

     The only curious incident on November 28th at the Orpheum theatre was seeing a simply marvelous show. I went into this show with high expectations, and was blown away. There was wonderful acting, and even better technical work. Just about every aspect of this show was perfect which is astounding especially since it was their opening night. The only terrifying thing  This show managed to pull of a new age of theatre while incorporating pretty good acting with even better…


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Life is a Cabaret by Meghan Katers

The first thing I was told about this show was “you will be shocked”. I knew a little bit about this show and how it is renowned for being riskay, but when I left the theatre  was absolutely speechless. I left shocked in a way that was completely unexpected. Life really is a Cabaret.  The show Cabaret presented by the Roundabout Theatre company directed by BT McNicholl showing through October 23rd left me speechless on multiple occasions. This  musical followed American…


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