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matilda? it was a miracle!

From the book to the movie to the musical, Matilda is a must! I grew up watching the movie and reading the book so I had high expectations for the musical and it lived up to it. Audience members cried, laughed, and cheered louder than ever at curtain call. It was hard to decide what my favorite song, scene, or character but together, I can say that this has been my favorite show I have seen so far.

I have so much praise to give to the very talented cast of children and dancers. The…


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The King and I etc, etc, etc

I was looking forward to this show because I had watched the movie in middle school and I was sitting next to someone who loved the show. For what the story was, I thought the show was good but it did not blow me away. It did follow the story of the movie very closely but, the show seemed to drag on and the songs did not give the actors the opportunity to show their range. The set pieces were elaborate and I love the background lighting but the spotlights were not my favorite. Overall, I'm glad… Continue

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Honey, Honey, Mamma Mia was Amazing!

People crowded that theatre, switching spots to find the best seat in the house and now I understand why. I had seen the movie and heard great things about the show, but I was not prepared for the amazing performance I saw. The famous production of Mamma Mia was a hilarious, heart warming musical with, of course, great ABBA music. The story of Mamma Mia is not new to me and I had high expectations going in to the show, and it lived up to them.

Although Betsy Padamonsky, who played Donna… Continue

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It started and ended with a bang!

Walking into the theatre, I was getting more and more excited, as was the rest of the audience. I am a major fan of Whitney Houston and have seen the movie The Bodyguard before. Adapting movies to musicals can be tricky and I did not expect the show to be so amazing! Though the show was not the smoothest with the frequent interruptions of songs that provided little exposition, I loved the voices of Deborah Cox who has worked with Whitney Houston.

               The show started…


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Come to the Fun Home!

The Tony Award-winning musical Fun Home, made me laugh, cry, smile, and in the end, stand up and cheer. The story of Alison and her father Bruce's relationship along with their own realizations and sexualities went from a graphic novel to an award-winning musical. The musical numbers were both dazzling and moving. Caption: Don't miss this show!

Alison's story, played by Alessandra Baldacchino, Abby Corrigan, and Kate Shindle, was emotional and made me laugh. Middle-aged Alison, played by… Continue

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I Never Lie, I Always Tell the Truth

There were few moments of silence during, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, as loud music played and lights flashed. The set and ensemble made it feel like I was in a black box theatre, but it was taken to a new level. The magic from the lights and music were met with incredible acting and stunning lifts. The actors seemed to embody the characters as 15 year-old Christopher went on to investigate the murder of his neighbor's dog, but ends up discovering his mother and his own… Continue

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If You Could See Cabaret

Olivia Haan

Roundabout Theatre Company's production of "Cabaret"

"We have no troubles here!" announced the Emcee as he welcomed us to the KitKat club where, "life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful!" As more people enter the stage, they all synchronized to a beat with their hips. After some seductive dancing from the KitKat Girls and the Emcee (who stole the show), I was convinced that I was in the KitKat club in 1930s Germany. The show was full of… Continue

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