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We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. There sits the emerald city infront of us, one of the settings for the long-loved family movie The Wizard of Oz. Its glittering and glimmering, enticing us for the show we came to see. Wicked, a musical set in the fantastical city of Oz tells us the previously untold story of not only the Wicked Witch of the West, but Glinda”(Ginna Claire Mason), the…


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The lights go dark and the audience goes silent. On stage one spotlight comes on as the table starts moving forward. Suddenly, the music starts, slowly at first and the lights slowly goes up. Then slowly, it turns into a fast paced song with well-choreographed and children and parents dancing together with precision. Matilda  has everything my child brain imagined when I first read the book at age five. It has the evil, unforgivable villain, the…


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Mamma "Meh"a

  Mamma Mia at the orpheum theater was, quite frankly, a disappointment. The plot and story was amazing, and it’s quite easy to see why it’s a classic. In this story, based off of ABBA songs, a young girl prepares for her wedding and after reading her mother's diary and finding three men that could possibly be her father. Wanting someone to walk her down the aisle, she invites all three to her wedding. The execution of this show, however, was quite…


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It started with a bang

The Bodyguard started with a bang and ended with a…. Dance number. The drama was beautiful but at some points, unnecessary. With the screens and tech you were suddenly swept into a mystery-romance-comedy and away from the 1920’s architecture of the Orpheum.

The set was beautifully designed by Tim Hatley, with the mid-2010 house design, mixing with the tech details by Duncan Mclean. It was definitely a “Lights, Camera, Action!” moment when the curtain parted after the first scene and…


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Behind the doors of a house on Maple Avenue

Fun home is truly a a modern show for the whole family. It has upbeat songs with choreographed dances and lights, as well as slow, serious moments, a beautiful contrast. Walking into the theater not knowing what it's about, you think it's a historical play about gay rights, with the Victorian-style furniture and the "Gay Union" sign. Once the play starts you see just how completely wrong you are. It's just a story about a girl, who happens to be a lesbian, and her family, mainly dad, who just… Continue

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Glimpse into another's mind

The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, is a sensory overload that gives us a brief glimpse into the life of a teenager with autism. The cast and crew brought a tech heavy show that they somehow managed to pair with the classic look of the Orpheum. The play is not what one would expect after reading the book but embodies it very well, adding a new touch to the award winning book, making it an award winning play as well.

The first act opened with bright lights, loud music… Continue

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