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Temporary Happiness

When most people think of Germany, one of the major events that is thought of is World War Two. However, before Adolf Hitler came to power, the country looked much different that one would expect. The scene was vibrant and full of life. Cabaret highlights the more risque parts of history while making audiences really think about what they were viewing, specifically how there really is no place in which all of your troubles can simply melt…


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'Be Prepared' for The Lion King


We all have grown to know and love Disney throughout our childhoods, but many forget or don’t know about all of the stage adaptations that Disney has. One of Disney’s classics, The Lion King, brings the entire audience right back to being young and being amazed by everything. The Lion King has a special place in Minnesota’s heart because it originally opened at the Orpheum Theater. It…


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Don't Turn Off The Book of Mormon


In today’s society, more and more religions are being understood and accepted by different people. While this is a great thing, there is one religion that I can’t wrap my head around: Mormonism. It seems that I am not alone in my confusion, because creators of The Book of Mormon (the musical) Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone made the musical specifically to poke fun at the morals of the Mormon…


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Poor, Poor Lighting- Joseph


Musical theater is a delicate balance of the acting, dancing, lighting, costumes, sound, and many other things. If one thing in the musical equation is off kilter, the entire show is tainted by the unfortunate miss-hap. The touring production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Orpheum Theater is a fairly entertaining show as far as the story line, but this production could have been executed much…


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No More Wasting Your Time, See If/Then Today

Everyone has asked themselves “what if” at some point in their lives. We all face crossroads in life, and If/Then is a prime example of what happens if you take a different path. The story of the main character, Elizabeth is relatable to many people as they ask themselves what would have happened or what might have been. Being relatable to people is a wonderful asset to the production, as well as the chorus line and the lighting elements.…


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Everything's Coming Up Mediocre

As a history buff, I was excited to see the story of Gypsy come to live on stage, especially because it is locally produced by Theater Latté Da in partnership with Hennepin Theater Trust. The third annual “Broadway Re-Imagined” production is an excellent opportunity to support the Twin Cities’ theater companies. There are several talented artists that stand out, whether they are performers or technicians. However, I just didn’t…


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Newsies is Fabulous: and that's the Bottom Line


At the turn of the twentieth century, America was a whirlwind of industrialization, changing gender roles, and socio-economic inequality. Children were forced to earn money for their families, women were starting to go to work, and the rich were only getting richer. Countless stories emerged from this time period, but one specific story was captured by Disney in 1992 for a movie. After much success of the movie, it was adapted for the stage…


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I Wish I Had Poison in my Pocket

There are several different types and varieties of theater. These types of theater appeal to different people. Some types don’t appeal to certain members of the audience. It’s not the actor’s fault, it’s just simply the personal preference of the viewer. This was my problem with A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which will be at the State Theater until January 10th. The show isn’t bad and was executed well, but I just didn’t feel…


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A Tale of Three Painfully Awkward Blue Men

From a young age, I was taught that staring at people was rude. Since I didn’t want to be rude to others, I didn’t stare. the Blue Man Group seems to think that staring is some kind of sign that you are accepted into their group. The Blue Man Group is an interesting talent act that entails three men…


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The Beautiful Story of Carole King

Carole King: one of the most iconic singer/songwriters of the 1960’s. Born with the last name of Klein, Carole took the stage name of King for a larger stage presence. Even if she hadn’t changed her name, King would’ve still had the major influence on rock and roll music as we know it today. With her interesting life story, she definitely deserves a musical in her honor.The Orpheum had a different feeling than I have come to know on Wednesday night. The crowd seemed…


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Disney Presents: The Little Plot-line

I had high expectations for Disney’s The Little Mermaid when I walked into the Orpheum Theater on Tuesday evening. The actors did an amazing job of bringing the classic Disney tale to life for audiences of all ages. However, as I watched and laughed at the cheesy fish puns, I noticed some significant holes (or “bubbles,” if you will) in the plot that I couldn’t seem to get over.

Even with the…


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This Shoe Fits Minneapolis-Cinderella

What do you get when you cross a nice prince, a fairy Godmother, a poor maid, and a lot of luck? The answer is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, of course! In town through its opening on September 8th to closing on September 13th, Cinderella is the perfect show for young and not-so-young Disney fans alike. Smooth set changes, on stage costume transformations, and graceful dance numbers make…


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Everybody Say "Yeah" for Kinky Boots

I didn’t really have any expectations as I walked into the Orpheum Theater on July 28th. All I knew was that Kinky Boots was about a lot more that shoes. It turns out that there is even more than I thought to this musical, and the audience can leave with a feeling of empowerment to accept others for who they are. The show runs until Sunday, August 2nd…


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I Wouldn’t Trade Once for Gold

As I walked into the State Theater on June 23rd, I had to ask myself if I’d wandered into an Irish Pub. It turns out I was indeed in the correct place, but the magic of Once was present. A truly new musical, Once tells the story of a Hoover vacuum repair man and a Czechoslovakian immigrant to Dublin coming together to share a passion for music and making their dreams come true. With a raw and passionate soundtrack, Once is every hipster indie lover’s dream, which…


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A Special Something There-Beauty and the Beast

Over the years, many classic Disney tales have come to life on Broadway, including Beauty and the Beast, a tale truly as old as time. The message of Beauty is simple: love. The love Belle has for father, the Beast, and her own freedom. Currently, Beauty is on tour and is making a stop at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis until March 15th. The performance is exciting not only for the common theater…


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Magic to See at Pippin

       Since the 1970’s, Pippin has wowed audiences across the nation as they share Pippin’s longing for a greater purpose in his life and the theme of living in the moment while enjoying what you have. Currently, Pippin is on stage at the Orpheum theater until February 22nd. This Broadway Across America production is phenomenal. Opening night on the 17th was wonderful, from the acrobatics to the orchestra to the singing. There were…


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Consider Oliver! Part of the Family

The first preview performance of Oliver! on February 4th was overall a good performance. It was the cast’s first performance with an audience. This show presented by Theater Latté Da and Hennepin Theater Trust officially opens on Friday, the 6th of February at the Pantages theater. Based on the book by Charles Dickens, Oliver! is a dream come true for fans of Dickens’ work. Young Oliver Twist faces the many challenges of a young orphan boy in England as he desperately tries…


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As Happy as they can be-I Love Lucy

When it first aired in 1951, I Love Lucy was a truly iconic and groundbreaking show for it’s time period. Since its final season in 1957 there have been several fans awaiting the return of Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred.Through all of the tactics Lucy tried to pull, the other three continued to be the voice of reason for her. Fans got what they wanted when I Love Lucy- Live on Stage came with to Los Angeles and then a national tour.…


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Don't Close the Door on Motown

Many anxious people meandered into the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis on Tuesday night awaiting the experience they wouldn’t soon forget. Opening night of Motown the Musical did not disappoint. Starting in the one and only “Motor City” of Detroit, Michigan, Motown begins with a lively overture from the orchestra followed by a high-energy medley of some of the classic music from the time period, instantly pulling the audience in. In…


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White Christmas: Tis the Season

The Christmas spirit is easily shared around the season, and Tuesday night at the Orpheum was no exception. Opening night of Irwing Berlin’s White Christmas was overall fabulous, and few flaws were present. With the elaborate costumes, huge dance numbers, and even fake snow, this production does not disappoint theater-goers looking to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Looking at the impressive technical elements, from…


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