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A sentimental show

Wicked, one of the most well known broadway musicals of all time. It’s storyline roots to The Wizard of Oz, and The Wiz. Music so beautiful that it leaves most of the audience in tears and with there mouths wide open. It will be touring at the Orpheum in Minneapolis for 5 weeks. Wicked has been performed over 5,462 times, and continues to thrive.

In the original broadway cast of Wicked,…


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It's okay to be a little Naughty

Letters, lights, and sound. Three big things that stood out when I watched Matilda the musical on Tuesday night, it's opening night at the Orpheum in downtown mpls. In 1996 the movie Matilda came out about a little genius whose parents didn't love her. In 2010 Matilda premiered at  Stratford-upon-Avon then premiered on…


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I whistled a happy tune

Walking into a theatre knowing how famous and important the show you are about to watch tends to give you lots of expectations. The King and I didn't fit any of mine. It was a very well done show with lots of talent although at times it felt like a slow storyline to follow. The King and I opened on Broadway on March 29th, 1951 with lots of eager eyes. It is a show based off of…


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S.O.S this show is so good!

There is a reason Mamma Mia! has visited the Orpheum so many times. It’s one of Broadway’s most famous musicals, filled with love, laughter, and amazing songs from ABBA.  Director Phyllida Lloyd did a fantastic job. The show is about a girl named Sophie Sheridan and her mother Donna Sheridan and their time before the big wedding day for Sophie. This old classic doesn't change when it comes to details between the movie musical and the stage musical.…


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Run to the Bodyguard!

The Bodyguard

Everyone has one fantasy moment of being famous. The Bodyguard the Musical is a beautiful love story that shows everyone the “back stage life” of the very famous “Rachel Marron”, who is brilliantly played by Deborah Cox. The first second of the show is attention grabbing and jaw dropping. Throughout the rest of the musical you keep getting more and more impressed. First the show is such a…


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Welcome To Our House On Maple Avenue

Fun Home Review

Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue! Fun Home, a touching musical off of the graphic novel written by Alison Bechdel did not disappoint its raging reviews. Fun Home won the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical, and there's a reason why. It was sad, funny, and full of talent. I was sitting at the edge of my seat throughout the musical numbers waiting for what was next. This show running an hour and 45 minutes…


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We know you're curious about the show... so go see it!

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, a play based off the novel written by Mark Haddon will leave you speechless. This show is playing at the Orpheum in Downtown Minneapolis with a run until Dec 4th. This show was heartfelt, dark, and heartbreaking. Everything was so well thought out and it takes a second to absorb what you just watched. The lead character Christopher is an autistic boy who wants to solve mysteries. He comes across many surprises and takes it…


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The Lion King.. Lives in us!!

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The Lion King

As a kid I grew up with the disney movie “The Lion King.” As I believe many others from different generations did too. Walking into the theatre with a beginning set of a screen, I was curious as how the show was going to then come to life. The minute the…


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Hello my name is...

Ever wondered what it's like to sit on the edge of your seat for the majority of a show out of excitement? Ever laughed and felt so bad for laughing at a hilarious yet terrible joke? Have you ever seen The Book Of Mormon? Yes! Everything was a yes for me, the Book of Mormon written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Bobby Lopez three incredible authors was the strangest yet most creative you may ever see. You will feel hyped, sad, mad, and goofy all in one song.…


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What's your supershark?!

Night at Olympus was such a modernized show all about high school and gods. Surprising mix I know... but in this show it works. You follow the life of Maggie an awkward teen who isn't confident in her skin, later you see her become someone knew.. Someone viewed as better. The whole show is leading up to the prom. Walking into the theater you see a very plain stage except for the build board looking painting in the very back with a drawing of a farmland and a blue sky full of…


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Always Starting Over!!!

I am one who loves musical theater. I walk out of almost every show with a smile on my face. When I walked out of the theater this time after just seeing If/Then my mouth was wide open, just in awe of what I had seen. I've never seen a show like it. It was hands down amazing and the most well done show I've ever seen. This is a new broadway musical by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning Next to Normal writers Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey.…


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Let Gypsy Entertain You

Do you think your mom pushes you to be the best you can be? Do you feel like she completely controls your life? Wait until you see Gypsy from Theater Latté Da and Hennepin Theatre Trust. This show revolves around Mamma Rose (played by Michelle Barber) --the biggest theater mom you could imagine and how she wants her two daughters June (baby June is played by Victoria Wyffels, adult June is played by Shinah Brashears) and Louise ( baby Louise is…


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Union We Stand

The Disney Newsies Broadway's smash hit musical was my favorite show so far. This amazing show takes place in New York City in the year 1899.  In the show the lead character Jack Kelly, played by Joey Barreiro is on the rooftop talking to his best friend Crutchie who is played by Zachary Sayle about his dream to one day move to Santa Fe. Throughout the musical you meet the rest of the…


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What Could be Better than This?!!?!?!?

Every time you step into a theater you need to be ready to expect something different from the last show you saw. I loved the show Beautiful, so coming into A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder I was wondering how I would enjoy two very different shows. But boy I did. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder was hilarious and clever.

Most every time you walk into a…


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Beautiful Review

    The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Theater was the grand piano. To me a grand piano means talent and joy so I then knew this musical would be full of that. The fist scene was Carole King with beautiful hair and singing the opening song. It was simply amazing. Then show went on and Carol was following her dream but the whole time she completely changed, different hairstyle and outfit. I was confused if they were the same person to later find out that it was the new Carol…


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