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A Childlike Wonder in Matilda the Musical by Meghan Katers

      Matilda is one of the best musicals of all times, and this production was to exception. They may as well as called it "Matilda the magnificent". Showing it at the Orpheum theatre in Minnesota March 28th, it was the performance of a life time. That is not to say it was without flaw, but nothing every really is. This charming story of a bookworm little girl named Matilda overcoming adversity is both heartwarming and inspiring. This is a must see musical.
    The technical aspects in this show was purely magical. The idea of the set being tiles of letters and symbols created the perfect atmosphere of wonder that made the show so much better. The playground scene for "When I grow up" was also beautiful. It created a sense of hope and innocence. I was not as impressed with the sound quality during a few of the songs, but the actors handled it with the utmost grace. Even when the sound crackled they did not let it affect them in any way. The lightning in this show was also spectacular, especially in the scene where Matilda (Jenna Weir) was telling the story about the acrobats. The lighting is what made the story come alive and made it truly captivating. All in all, the technical elements of this show made it all the much better. 
     The acting was really what made the show go the distance. I was very impressed with the professionalism that the child actors showed, especially within the ensemble. They had obviously developed their characters and understood what it was that they wanted to convey. Every scene seemed as if it was a new favorite, everything topped the next, and that is a hard feat to accomplish. The most surprisingly enjoyable character was Miss Trunchbull (Dan  Chambley). There is so much potential to not let the character live up to its potential, but Dan did a very good job. It was the perfect amount of mean and humor to make a dynamite Trunchbull. There was evident depth in character that made it all the more better. Mr.Wormwood (Matt Harrington) also did an amazing job with his character. It seemed as if he was funnier each time he walked on the stage. Mrs.Wormwood (Darcy Stewart) was also very good, but her character was lacking the annoyance needed to develop it fully. She did a good performance, but it paled in comparison to the other aspects of the show. The ensemble also did a fantastic job. At one point a baloon got stuck on one of the children's hair, and the actor played it off in a funny way that made it not seem like a mistake. The dancing was also insane. Everything was 100% in sync and beautifully choreographed. I had no complaint for the vocals either, I do not say this often, but this was truly a spectacular show. 
     No matter the person, this is a must see show for everyone. It is extremely enjoyable and enlightening at the same exact time. This cast especially did a wonderful job. I would see this show a million times again if the time and money permitted me. I came into it with high expectations, and was blown out of the water.

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