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Wicked, one of the most well known broadway musicals of all time. It’s storyline roots to The Wizard of Oz, and The Wiz. Music so beautiful that it leaves most of the audience in tears and with there mouths wide open. It will be touring at the Orpheum in Minneapolis for 5 weeks. Wicked has been performed over 5,462 times, and continues to thrive.

In the original broadway cast of Wicked, Idina Menzel played Elphaba and hit the most insane notes with such power. In the 2017 Minneapolis tour Jessica Vosk tried to fill those shoes and played the role Elphaba. She did, yet with her own twist. Her voice was silky smooth and powerful. She sang her final note in “Defying Gravity” beautifully and left a great impression. Also in the original broadway cast Glinda is played by the spectacular Kristin Chenoweth. In this version of Wicked, Glinda was played by Ginna Claire Mason. Her voice rang and she played the role so well. I wished some of her big notes would have been stronger. The show over all seemed a little quiet in a way. The ensemble was powerful and blended together well. Jeremy Woodard who played Fiyero was strong and had great chemistry with Vosk during the musical number “As Long As You’re Mine.”

The overall set of Wicked was well, wicked. Everything had an undertone of green and had the same feel as The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz. Eugene Lee, the set director created a fantasy world that I believed. The costumes and makeup stood out and added to the set of a fantasy world. The green makeup was vibrant and stood out. The costumes done by Susan Hilferty and hair/wigs done by Tom Watson balanced each other out. The set transitions were fluid and each place had a new feeling, a feeling that radiated off the stage. The lighting was green and stayed in the background for this particular show. Instead of one thing standing out and being the main focus of the show (other than the iconic songs) everything blended and played off of eachother. You can tell this is a seasoned play, things seemed to all be under control.

This is a show that everyone talks about. The soundtrack is wonderful, the storyline heart aching and there is a surprisingly great sense of humor. Wicked stays at the Minneapolis Orpheum until May 14th. Buy tickets now to see one of the most worldwide well known shows. It's quite “Popular” and will make you love it “For Good.”

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Comment by Laura Wyatt on April 19, 2017 at 12:52pm

Nice job!
You credit all of the artistic directors and cover each element very well. As a pun enthusiast, the last sentence is perfect. I would just be careful of comparing the original cast to those that we saw, because it is their interpretation of the script, and they can change things as they see fit.
Well organized!


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