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The Tony Award-winning musical Fun Home, made me laugh, cry, smile, and in the end, stand up and cheer. The story of Alison and her father Bruce's relationship along with their own realizations and sexualities went from a graphic novel to an award-winning musical. The musical numbers were both dazzling and moving. Caption: Don't miss this show!
Alison's story, played by Alessandra Baldacchino, Abby Corrigan, and Kate Shindle, was emotional and made me laugh. Middle-aged Alison, played by Kate Shindle, narrated the complex story of her and her father's relationship. She added insight into her mind while Abby Corrigan, who played Alison while she was in college, stole the show with the song, "Changing My Major". Even though "Changing My Major", was stuck in my head, I could not forget young Alison, played by Alessandra Baldacchino, and her two brothers, Pierson Salvador who played Christian and Lennon Nate Hammond who played John, performing the commercial for their family's business, the Bechdel Funeral Home. They danced, sang into pretend microphones, and reminded everyone of our childhoods.
The other principle character of the show is Bruce, played by Robert Petkoff. The story is told by Alison so it is hard to understand Bruce at first, but as the story goes on and patterns are noticeable. Bruce's own choices, his sexuality and his daughter's drive him to commit suicide making his character complex. Bruce was not the source of laughter in this show, but he always brought an outstanding amount of emotion that made my eyes water every time.
This show would not be the same without the elaborate sets and smooth transitions. David Zinn, the scene designer did an amazing job of making the set transitions smooth. I didn't even notice some of the set piece moving until they were gone. The story, for the majority, took place in their old Victorian home that Bruce is restoring. The sets matched the sense of dust and vintage furniture. The show would not be the same without the sets.
By the end of the show, I had cried, laughed, and cheered. The complex engaging characters and elaborate sets are a must see. Caption: I want to see this show again!

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Comment by Dudley Voigt on December 16, 2016 at 6:51pm

At 366 words, you could add at least one, maybe two more paragraphs to hit the 500 word goal.  What about more context? Naming the creative team, the specific Tony's won, the audience's reaction?  If you get stuck, use the template!

Comment by Laura Wyatt on December 17, 2016 at 3:33pm

Overall, your review left me wanting more of your opinion. You could expand more since you are short of the word count. It's nice that you mention the technical elements, but there could be more analysis of how the actors did in their respective roles and how they tied in to make the technical elements work so well. Nice job! 


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