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People crowded that theatre, switching spots to find the best seat in the house and now I understand why. I had seen the movie and heard great things about the show, but I was not prepared for the amazing performance I saw. The famous production of Mamma Mia was a hilarious, heart warming musical with, of course, great ABBA music. The story of Mamma Mia is not new to me and I had high expectations going in to the show, and it lived up to them.
Although Betsy Padamonsky, who played Donna and Shai Yammanee, who played Sam, did an amazing job on the song "S.O.S", the songs and humor I remember came from the secondary characters. The song "S.O.S" was what I was anticipating the whole show and it lived up to my excitement, but, even though the harmonies were perfect, I loved how Tanya and Rosie, not only had amazing vocals, but also exceeded my expectations of their characters. Their performance of "Dancing Queen" defiantly wanted to make me get up and dance with them. They were funny, exciting, and were overall, outstanding. One of my favorite dance numbers was during the song "Lay All Your Love on Me" where, the dancers came out in snorkeling gear (including flippers!) and preformed a dance that had everyone smiling. Lizzie Markson who played Sophie did not have the strongest vocals and I was surprised. I expected to be amazed by her voice, but unfortunately I wasn't. Her strongest song was "Lay All Your Love on Me" but overall I was a little underwhelmed. I was amazed by Donna, Tanya and Rosie's vocal performance in "Super Troupa". They had beautiful harmonies and always hit the notes, and they had the costumes to match!
I loved all the costumes! They costumes the characters wore when they were preforming songs were by far my favorite. The costumes were bright, colorful, and sparkling. The lighting did a good job of helping the costumes sparkle but the audio could have been better. The microphones were not consistent so some some or lines were too quiet to hear. Other times they were so loud that it was hard to understand what they were saying. Overall, I think the microphones caused distractions to the performance. One thing that is normally really distracting to me is constantly changing sets. During this performance, there were two large set pieces that were simply turned into different configurations and I was impressed by how many different places they created. I really like the simplicity of the sets because they did not take away or detract from the performance.
Mamma Mia is a must see in the theatre! I now understand why people were switching seats to find the best spot in the house because it was truly a phenomenal performance. There is unforgettable music and humor that overlays a heartwarming story that can't be missed.

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