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On December 6, 2011 I went to see to see Cameron Mackintosh’s new 25th anniversary production of Boublil & Schonberg’s Les Miserables at the Orpheum Theater. This musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel was directed by Laurence Connor and James Powell. This version had great uses of current technology. The lighting done by Paule Constable had a great vision for making every detail on stage pop. Every color popped every jewel sparkled. Each and every light had a different tone. There was a great connection between the set and the lights. The lights always highlighted the set. Matt Kinley the set designer made it so no matter where you sit you have a good view of everything. Nothing gets cut off like in some other shows. The costumes fit the theme of the musical. Some I thought were a little lose fitting. When the characters danced the costumes just flowed with their every move. The girls’ dresses seem to drape over the curves of the woman wearing them.  When the show started I thought this will be like every other show I’ve seen. Some parts will be good and some will be bad. But the show as a whole was really good. J. Mark McVey who played Jean Valjean has an amazing tenor voice. His voice carried through the theater with ease. He hit high notes without sounding like it took a lot of work. Chasten Harmon, in the role as Eponine,  is a rising star. Her voice can be compared to a siren from folk lore. In every song she had the audience in a trance.  Watch for her amazing talent in upcoming shows. Little Cosette( Maya Jade Frank) stole the show. Her voice rivaled with that of Chasten. Even at such a young age she had talent that could beat actresses on Broadway. Don’t let her age and size fool you she will have her star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I like the fact that the cast took time after the show to talk about the growing problem of aids. They ask that every one donate to Broadway cares which helps find a cure. This is a family show, so take the whole family when you go to see it. I give this show two thumbs up.

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Comment by Nyssa Jorenby on December 7, 2011 at 11:50pm
Comment by Dudley Voigt on December 8, 2011 at 12:55pm

I was a little confused by your earlier post, a first draft?  You did a good job using specific details and clear opinions.  The section about the look and feel (lights, sets & costumes) of the show is strongest and could use it's own paragraph. I would like to see you expand (using the review template I gave you) and have another  paragraph about the performances, with a fleshed out intro and conclusion.  I like the poster image, did you get a picture of you getting an autograph from Max Quinlan (Marius) ?


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