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  Mamma Mia at the orpheum theater was, quite frankly, a disappointment. The plot and story was amazing, and it’s quite easy to see why it’s a classic. In this story, based off of ABBA songs, a young girl prepares for her wedding and after reading her mother's diary and finding three men that could possibly be her father. Wanting someone to walk her down the aisle, she invites all three to her wedding. The execution of this show, however, was quite disappointing. Throughout the show I found myself dozing off or thinking about my school day. I was expecting an amazing, well put together show but what I got was a so-so show with good songs and a couple of flashy dance numbers.


The scene opened with Sophie (Lizzie Markson) singing about meeting her dad and then sending letters to each of her three suspected dads. Directly after that the mood completely changes and her two best friends appear, Ali(Chloe Kounaids) and Lisa(Niki Badua). The scene, obviously meant to be childlike and fun, seemed forced and immature. Throughout the entire show there were moments like this, moments that missed their goal, either dramatically or humorously.

At the beginning of her song, Mamma Mia, Donna(Betsy Padamonsky), I couldn't understand anything that she was saying. Her enunciation was not very good at all and her dancing was very forced and not choreographed well. She was up against the door moving very slowly down the door. The lights suddenly turned from white to red when the song started. The men, Harry(Andrew Tebo), Bill(Marc Cornes) and Sam(Shai Yammanee), were just standing there awkwardly during the song. Their placement during the song was weird and not very visually appealing.


Although there were some upsides to this performance, for example the dance sequences. The large group dances were very well choreographed and very well lit. In the dance at the hotel bachelorette party. It was loud, colourful and very sensory alarming. There were all different colors and costumes in the midsts and the eye couldn’t concentrate on one thing but when it shifted to Sarah talking to each of her respective Dads it created a nice contrast for our eyes to concentrate on. The song was beautifully sung by the group.

In conclusion, the show was sub-par. It's not a show I would recommend for people but it was good enough that if someone payed for my ticket I would be willing to see it again. It may have also been an off night, or been off because it was opening night.

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Comment by Laura Wyatt on February 22, 2017 at 4:05pm

Overall good review, Phina. I like the title, and you back it up with mentioning that it was overall so-so and sup-par. Try reading through it one more time before posting to catch any little grammatical things that are easily missed. For example, their should be a space in between the actor's character and their name in parenthesis. Donna (Betsy Padmonsky). You also say that "Sarah" was talking to her potential dads, but I think you meant to say Sophie. 


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