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          On June 6th, 2017, one of the most iconic shows to ever hit Broadway, opened at the Orpheum theatre in Minneapolis. Staying for a 6 day run, the cast of Rent, breaks hearts and lifts spirits simultaneously. Take it or Leave it, Rent is no doubt one of the most memorable musicals.  

          Being the first time seeing the show, whether in a movie or onstage, i was expecting a good show that people liked. What i saw was one of the most powerful and moving shows i have ever had the pleasure of watching. As well as one of the fastest standing ovations my friends and i had seen. If i had the opportunity to see this show Another Day I would.

           Rent is a modern take on the opera La Boheme by Puccini. Set in 1990’s New York, Roger, (Kaleb Wells) Mark, (Danny Harris Kornfeld) and a group of new and old friends live through a year filled with joy and sorrow. As we travel through a year in their lives we get a glimpse into their love lives, careers, and the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

          From the start of the show, there was a obviously popular character among the audience. As soon as Angel (David Merino) began singing, the people around me were all smiling from ear to ear. Angel is a clear favorite. Their bubbly personality, on-point fashion, and out of the box lifestyle create interest in the life of this fun person. Merino did a wonderful job of bringing this character to life. His voice matched the character very well, as did his physical stature. Angel is definitely someone you can trust to cover you.One particular element that stood out most above others was the lighting design. During ballads, the lighting either held a tone of sadness or longing for the future. While during the more rock songs the lighting brought on the air of a rock concert. Including the audience even more in the story of the aspiring musician and his filmmaker friend.

          I would say that one of my favorite aspects of the show was the set. Walking through the theatre before the show started, i just glimpsed the set from the atrium. I was beyond impressed with the little that i did see. After i walked into the theatre and saw the full stage and set, i was speechless. The set adds art and sculpture to an otherwise dark story. The fact that the story takes place in New York City was obvious in the set. No question as to the location or the time period.

          Another aspect that showed the New York vibe in full force was the costuming. At times the costumes were dark and edgy while others, like Angel’s, were colorful and full of life. Bringing the characters to life even more. Creating a story through their clothes.

          Over all, Rent is an amazing show that definitely deserves to be seen over and over again. After my first time seeing it, i cannot wait to go back again.

          For those who have never seen the show, for those who doubt the realness and character present in the show, all i can say is, You'll See.

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Comment by Dudley Voigt on June 23, 2017 at 3:02pm

Interesting approach to Angel, I can respect the choice to use "their" so why switch to "his" in the next sentence? Felt modern and timely to consider pronoun choice here.  Good details there.

This needed another edit to catch typos, unnecessary commas, etc. Not sure what the goal of the italicized phrases was, but you should save that for the show title (which should be bold as well).

Good job.


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