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We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. There sits the emerald city infront of us, one of the settings for the long-loved family movie The Wizard of Oz. Its glittering and glimmering, enticing us for the show we came to see. Wicked, a musical set in the fantastical city of Oz tells us the previously untold story of not only the Wicked Witch of the West, but Glinda”(Ginna Claire Mason), the scarecrow(Jeremy Woodard) and the Wizard himself(Fred Applegate). Wicked, at the Orpheum theater in downtown Minneapolis, transported us to a magical place where anything is possible, whether it be flying monkeys or magical green beings.

When we meet Elphaba(Jessica Vosk), she has no life of her own. She is bound to her younger sister, but as the scene furthers, she is told she has great power and will be taught to use that power. Her first song, The Wizard and I is sadly ironic, as she sings about how a day concerning her, will be celebrated through Oz. As the act furthers, Elphaba discovers the true horrors about life with the wizard, and for the last song in the act, defies all expectations in her  famous number, Defying Gravity. She’s lifted into air and thee stage is covered in black fabric and lights to give the illusion that she's flying.

As in all shows, costumes played a large part in this show. From Elphaba’s well-known witch-hat, to the simple stripes on the dancers costumes, each played a significant role in making the show as amazing as it is. Elphaba's iconic green skin is meant to set her apart from everyone else, it shows how she's different, special even. Her sense of style is a contrast to that of her peppy-and preppy-new roommate Ga-linda. With Elphaba’s dark dress that covers her arms and legs and Galinda’s white outfit that is as short as possible without being inappropriate, this just furthers the differences between these two. One costume trick that was used in this show was the zebra effect, where they dressed the background dancers in black and white stripes and had them dancing fast so you couldn't pick out a single individual dancer, just see them as one mass, blending into the background so they wouldn't pull distraction from the main characters. These are just a few of the many costume choices that were made for this show.

This show was one of the most amazing musical pieces I've seen on the stage of the Orpheum and it is obvious to see why it is so popular. It has something for everyone, romance, action, a fantastical element, songs and much, much more.

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Comment by Laura Wyatt on April 17, 2017 at 1:44pm

Nice work, Phina. I have a couple suggestions for next time. 

Go through your review once more before posting it for grammatical or formatting errors. When the actor's names are in parenthesis, there should be a space before the first parenthesis. Example: Elphaba (Jessica Vosk). 

You also have lots of plot in relation to how much you tell us about the show. I would've liked to hear more of your opinion on the dancing, singing, and other technical elements besides costuming. Don't forget to credit the costume designers for all of their work! 


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