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The Bodyguard

Everyone has one fantasy moment of being famous. The Bodyguard the Musical is a beautiful love story that shows everyone the “back stage life” of the very famous “Rachel Marron”, who is brilliantly played by Deborah Cox. The first second of the show is attention grabbing and jaw dropping. Throughout the rest of the musical you keep getting more and more impressed. First the show is such a beautiful yet slightly frightening story to watch, but when the music turns on and the Deborah Cox sings her opening song you sway to the music and hope it will never end.

Bodyguard soon became one of my favorite musicals halfway through watching it. The main reason is because the talent sold the show. Judson Mills played “Frank Farmer” with such poise that it seemed effortless. Douglas Baldeo who played “Fletcher” on Tuesday night exceeded any expectation I had for a young actor. His dance moves were phenomenal and his feelings were so raw. Douglas and Deborah worked very well together on stage and really showed a mother-son relationship. The ensemble members where amazing dancers and brought the show life. They killed it during the surprising curtain call. Jasmin Richardson was just as amazing as everyone else with her strong vocals and killing it when she sings her solo songs. Jorge Paniagua who plays “The Stalker” did a great job scaring me to the point of no end. Many times I had to find a hang to squeeze. There was no escaping the energy that he brought and how real it all felt. Choreographer, Karen Bruce did an outstanding job. Everything was sharp and purposeful. Always giving a high five to the director Thea Sharrock, I was very impressed leaving the theatre Tuesday evening after the casts opening night in Minneapolis.

Along with all the amazing talent the set design was so clever. The way that things closed in on each other as if it was a box closing in on you showed individuality in the set. The storyline of the show took place in many different locations and each place had its own vide to it and it's insane to believe that it all took place on one stage. Transitions were clean and there was never a dull moment. Costume changes were incredible along with the fancy dresses and suits designed by Tim Hatley who also brilliantly designed the set. In many moments during the show I thought I was at a real live concert for the character Rachel Marron and I just wanted to stand up and dance. The lighting was fun and colorful and always set the tone of the scene. The use of projection was very interesting to me and I think that it made the transitions smooth and was a nice touch over every scene for “The Stalker.”  Every little detail fit together and created a perfect picture.

The Bodyguard the Musical is based off of the movie which originally starred Whitney Houston. I was glad to watch a musical with songs that I recognized and love so much. The show was fun, creepy, heartfelt all in one. If you're a sucker for a good love story like me go see The Bodyguard the Musical showing at the Orpheum until January 15th. If you love the movie you will LOVE the show.

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Comment by Dudley Voigt on January 13, 2017 at 4:27pm

I really like that you didn't reveal the opening gun-shot but still referenced that intense beginning. Words like "amazing" "outstanding" "incredible" and "phenomenal" don't actually tell the reader much and end up feeling hyperbolic. Try to find other descriptors that serve to provide a specific image as well as your opinion. 

Why did you put quotes around "Rachel Marron"? 

Make sure you refer the show's complete title "The Bodyguard" every time, don't drop the "The"

Good job!

Comment by Grace Peterson on January 22, 2017 at 11:10pm


You start your review with the line "Everyone has one fantasy moment of being famous" and then go on to state your thesis. This statement feels a bit random as you don't say anything else about it or connect it to the show. Continue to work on the flow and organization of your reviews, making sure that each sentence logically flows into the next. 

Before going into the description of the actors, it may have been helpful to provide a short plot summary, or at least to set up the context of this show as a musical adaptation of the famous movie. I see that you put that information in at the end, but it might make more sense to provide the reader with that information at the beginning of the review before getting into your analysis. 

I do like your description of the set. Your personality and excitement about the show really shined through. Continue working on your descriptions and word choice. Good job!


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