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Mama Mia is a classic to go see in theatre, and always leaves the crowds satisfied. On February 7th at the Orpheum theatre this rendition was no exception, that is why I always urge to take a chance on this musical. One of the classics, this musical brings a lifelong tale of romance with a twist. Sophie’s wedding is coming up, and  her mother is driving herself crazy with preparation, but little does she know her sanity will really be put to the test when her daughter Sophie mails wedding invitations to three possible men that could be her father. The story follows the relationship between Sophie and her father’s, and between that of Donna and her possible lovers, all of course with the help of the zany aunt characters. Overall it was a production that I would not have missed out for the world.

This happy feel good music did exactly that, it made the audience member feel happy and good. Though it is not necessarily an hour of cultural stimulation, it is an hour that can lift anyone out of the worst moods. You cannot help but to smile watching Sophie’s antics and Donna’s reactions. The cast did a very good job with the acting of these characters as well. The character Donna was portrayed very well, and her vocals were truly amazing. The dancing from the ensemble was very much so in sync, and very funny and entertaining to watch. I think it was more so the ensemble that made the show for me, they added the last touch to make it a truly magnificent show. The only critique I would have towards the actors is that the character Sophie’s voice was very forward. Other than that, they did a truly marvelous job and made it a must see show. The technical aspect however, I was not very thrilled with. The set was nothing special, it was very ordinary. It seemed almost too mundane at most points. They also seemed to have a lot of problems with sound. During the first half of the performance it was very hard to understand a lot of the cast, but they managed to fix most of the characters volume in the second half, however the character Sophie was consistently hard to understand. There seemed to be a lot of sound problems in general. It also seemed as if in a lot of the songs that involved the chorus they were double backing the vocalists which did not sound very appealing. For the most part though, it was a very stunning show. From Donna’s strong vocals to the ensemble’s funny movements, it was a very enjoyable performance.


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