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   This movie made musical The Body Guard was showing at the Orpheum from January from the 10th to the 15th, and it was quite endearing and enjoyable to watch. The romance between Rachel Marron (Deborah Cox) and her body guard Frank Farmer (Judson Mills) is heartwarming, though it is not without suspense. The whole time the danger of her stalker looms in the background of their fairy tale (Jorge Paniagua). It was not without flaws, but it was entertaining. The musical abilities in this show left me breathless. Though there was quite a bit that I would have changed, overall I thought the musical was entertaining throughout. 

   First resistant towards the help of her body guard Rachel Marron wishes for him to leave her and her son alone (Douglas Baledeo), but her son grows an emotional attachment to Frank and eventually so does Rachel. Right away in the musical Frank goes to see one of Rachel's sister Nicki's (Jasmin Richardson) performance which arises a potential love triangle. Throughout the show Rachel sings Whitney Houston songs that reflect her emotions throughout the musical. Frank and Rachel eventually fall in love while Frank is in the constant battle with her stalker. Frank eventually calls their relationship off because he realizes that his love may be jeopardizing her safety. As the stalker makes more attempts he gets more dangerous and eventually kills Nicki. Rachel then goes to the Oscars despite her own safety for her sister, at this point Frank gets shot by the stalker but wins by killing him. Frank and Rachel depart with a heartwarming last kiss.   

     The only thing that I found outstanding about this musical was the vocal abilities. I went in skeptical thinking nobody could compare to Whitney, and was blown away. Debroh Cox and Jasmin Richardson did a phenominal job. There were a couple things the show lacked however, such as the emotional intensity. There was a complete lack of emotions. At the times when Rachel was supposed to be happy and in love was very believable, but when she was scared and at her lowest was not. There was also a lack of character relationship build between Rachel and her son, and Rachel and Nicki. The point in which Rachel decided to preform against the wishes of Frank at the club with barely any security, and the crowd overcomes her and she makes contact with her stalker but Frank saves her lacked the emotional intensity that I craved. She nailed the points in which she was in love with Frank, but lacked her being scared. I also thought the set could have used some work. Though I see the artistic intent behind the set, I think it could have been portrayed better. At most points the set made the space seem choppy and awkward, not leaving enough space, not creating enough distance between different places, and sometimes leaving way too much space. There also was not a clear time period of the show which was disappointing. At points they had a clear 80's theme, but they were costumed for the early 2000's, and at the karaoke scene used a front ward facing camera to take a "selfie". I could not determine what time period there intention was for. Despite all of my criticisms, I still think it was an amazing show. Through I would have done some things different myself, I thought it was very enjoyable to watch. 

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