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I was looking forward to this show because I had watched the movie in middle school and I was sitting next to someone who loved the show. For what the story was, I thought the show was good but it did not blow me away. It did follow the story of the movie very closely but, the show seemed to drag on and the songs did not give the actors the opportunity to show their range. The set pieces were elaborate and I love the background lighting but the spotlights were not my favorite. Overall, I'm glad I saw but I probably wouldn't go back unless I had gotten a good night of sleep the night before.
My favorite character was the King of Siam who kept the show lighthearted and fun. Jose Llana did an excellent job of being serious and keeping the humor that I remembered. My favorite song was "I Have Dreamed" by Lun Tha played by, Karin Panmeechao and Tuptim played by Manna Nicholas. Manna Nicholas seemed to have the strongest vocals. The reprise of "Hello, Young Lovers" was Anna's strongest song, who was played by Laura Michelle Kelly. The songs did not let the actors show off their range or their talent and unfortunately, made the show less exciting for me. I was very excited in the beginning because I knew that they had the amazingly talented dancers but after a somewhat random dance scene so the sets could be changed behind the curtains, I was underwhelmed by the dances. I did like the play in the middle, The Small House of Uncle Thomas, but it seemed to interrupt the show. It was preformed beautifully by the lead dancer Lamae Caparas, and I would've gone to see that show on its own because by the time it ended, I had forgotten what was happening in the story in the main show. Laura Michelle Kelly and Jose Llana did an amazing job of preforming the classic, beautiful song and dance to "Shall We Dance" and it was my favorite number of the night.
There were ups and downs for the technical aspects of the show. I loved the background lighting. It changed depending on the time of day or the mood. The spotlights were very distracting because they would either be shaky or the actor would move out of the spotlight. I would start it focus on the spotlight instead of the actor singing. I loved the set design by Micheal Yeargan because the sets were detailed and used in many different scenes. Overall, I think the lighting could have been better.
This was a classic show that I would see one time if I had gotten enough sleep the night before because the music tended to drag on. I found myself distracted by lighting elements instead of watching the actors. The dancing was always together but there was either too much or not enough. Now that I have seen the show, i wouldn't go back but it was worth seeing a classic.

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Comment by Laura Wyatt on April 3, 2017 at 12:59pm

You cover everything well. However, the opening seems very abrupt and you don't mention the title of the production. Try to aim for something that grabs the reader's attention, but also explains the production and what your review is going to be about. 

Good work! 


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