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Wicked has come back to the Twin Cities, and we want more. Wicked, a broadway hit most known for its smash hit “Defying Gravity” is back in the twin cities for its fifth time. Created in 2003, it was a hit from the moment it hit the stage. With lead singers Jessica Vosk and Ginna Claire Mason in this production by Universal Stage Productions and the Araca Group, I want to go back and watch it again. This show gives you everything, lights, set and singing.

The lights lifted me off my seat, bringing all the magic into the theater. One of the most subtle parts of the show, it added to Wicked immensely. It can be extremely complicated to light someone who is green and also have normal skin tones on the stage as well, and I felt like this production was strong in this area. With unique light choice to set the place while still balancing skin tones was something that was done well. The lights were done very well, but it was the set that really had me in awe.

This set was almost flawless, I remembered it was there when I needed to, it wasn’t a distraction. The flow of the set as it flowed from scene to scene took my breath away, it looked like puzzle pieces dancing around one another. Some awkward placement of the set drew me out of moments. It seemed to me that the set was to big for the stage, which wasn’t ideal for wider blocked scenes. The production of this set was beautiful, and the designer --- should be noted in this. Some sets hint at the place you are meant to be transported to. This brought you there and created the picture in sharp detail.

This show’s singing was on the mark. The lead actress Jessica Vosk (playing Elphaba) distinct voice was a strong addition to this cast, and Defying Gravity was her moment to shine. I don’t usually get emotional during shows, but Defying Gravity was sung with such emotion it made me feel what Elphaba was feeling.

There were so many strong points to this show, and a whole lot of glitz and glam. The  talented singing and strong set didn’t help the not bad, but fairly unremarkable acting of this production. Maybe it was the placement of the set, or maybe it was just awkward blocking, but some scenes just felt off. They didn’t move me like the songs did, and that was a definite blow to this show.

All in all, this show was as good as so many people think it is. Even with a weak point with acting, this show is beyond professional quality and I would recommend seeing it. It is a show that doesn’t need a review for people to be drawn to it, it speaks for itself. I would try to grab tickets, if there are any left!


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