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    This was the King of musicals. I have not seen something so satisfying in a while. The acting was fabulous, the technical aspects of the show were almost flawless, and how the cultural elements were incorporated was fantastic. This musical, Rodger and Hammerstein's The King and I performed on February 28th at the Orpheum theatre, was a once in a lifetime experience. It is very evident that the entire cast put in tremendous amounts of work to make this show seemingly flawless.

      The actors did a terrific job. Every single actor up there was good, and the voices that sang made the show so much better. The dancing at times was not completely together, though most of the time it was not noticeable. The dances were very well choreographed and enjoyable to watch. I think the best part of what the actors did was how they portrayed the culture. It was both respectful and understanding, without saying that one way of life was better than the other. The moral of this show was taking ideas from different walks of life and mixing them together to make a more sound existence. The actors took a good script and brought it to life.

     For the most part the technical aspects were good, but a tad disappointing compared to the bar set for the rest of the show. Right away at the beginning there were problems with the lighting in the back of the house, the lights did not go out until five minutes into the show and it ruined the illusion. Despite that though there were no other lighting issues, and using the different colors of light on the cloth to establish different moods was both a wonderful idea and effective. There seemed to be problems with sound right away in the show, but it improved as the show went on. At the beginning it was harder to follow because of the sound issue. The thing that I thought was best with the technical aspects was hands down the costuming. The costumes were stunning. They were perfect for the time period, status of the people, and every actor seemed important. Watching the costumes was like watching the Tony's, phenomenal actors in beautiful outfits. It enhanced the culture without the audience member even realizing it.

    Overall this is a must see show. This show was absolutely outstanding, and I do not see how anyone can leave the show without their heart growing double in size.

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Comment by Dudley Voigt on March 5, 2017 at 11:28pm

You take a pretty strong stance on this show and whether it's positive or negative, you really have to back that up with specific details.  What made the actors good?  How did the portray the culture? Give us details about a few key performers, or descriptions of the ensemble as a whole. 

I also think it would help the structure of your argument if you cleaned up the first paragraph, giving the reader more context and background info on the show. Lead each paragraph with a statement of opinion on that particular element and then use details and descriptions as examples. 

good job!


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