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Fun Home Review

Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue! Fun Home, a touching musical off of the graphic novel written by Alison Bechdel did not disappoint its raging reviews. Fun Home won the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical, and there's a reason why. It was sad, funny, and full of talent. I was sitting at the edge of my seat throughout the musical numbers waiting for what was next. This show running an hour and 45 minutes you could never zone out. Things were changing and stories were being told through song.

The cast couldn't have been better. Having younger kids in the show really made the show feel more authentic. Christian and John played by Pierson Salvador and Lennon Nate Hammond were funny and energetic; they killed it during the song “Come to the Fun Home.” As did Alessandra Baldacchino who played the role Small Allison. She had a strong pretty voice throughout the show and really shined during her song “Ring of Keys.” This show being about the character Bruce (who was magnificently played by Robert Petkoff)  who is a closeted homosexual, made the show more real. As some people live their full lives not coming out of the closet. This show is almost being captured by a cartoon by the full grown 40 year old women Allison (played by Kate Shindle) you really get pulled into the different stages of her life. All the cast did a marvelous job and whenever something hard to say was said, they said it with such power and passion that I don't think there were many dry eyes in the audience during the closing number.

Walking into the theatre I saw on stage a couch a desk and an orchestra in the far left corner of the stage. I loved that you could see the live orchestra for lots of the show. Again, it made everything feel more real. There were moments when a white wall would fly in and out very smoothly. There was a moment when the white wall flew up and the whole set had changed behind it. It was beautifully done. David Zinn did a well done job with the Scenic design. For me at certain moments the lighting of the show can make or break it. You could tell when the show was getting serious because the stage would go dark and there would be a single spotlight. At times when the kids would sing and play around there was disco lighting and all sorts of fun colors in all different shapes and sizes. That is all thanks to lighting designer Ben Stanton. Everything was well blocked and choreographed, all done by choreographer Danny Mefford and the marvelous director Sam Gold. Everything fit and weaved together quite nicely.

Take the time out of your day to go see Fun Home playing at the Orpheum this weekend. Its heart warming, funny, and real. The music adds more pizzazz to the show and the actors bring the show to life with such poise and talent. See a show that talks about hard topics, and won the 2015 Tony Award for Best Musical. Everyone works their hardest and deserves the standing ovation.

- Ananda Cordova Stuart 

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Comment by Zoë Makila on December 27, 2016 at 4:19pm

Good job here! You touched on a lot of elements. I'd love to see you go more in depth and give some specific examples to explain why you felt a certain way. For example, what does it mean to have something "well blocked?" What does that look like onstage? Keep pushing yourself to be more and more specific while still being concise and clear. 


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