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          For over 10 years, Wicked has been a smash hit on Broadway. On April 12th, the touring production opened in Minneapolis for a month-long run. Of course, because of its relevance and importance in the theatre world, Wicked has a reputation to live up to. The performance on April 13th more than lived up to it. This production smashed my expectations.  I went in anticipating an amazing performance to remember for a while. What I left with was so much more. It was the most impressive performance I have ever seen.  I know I will never forget what I experienced. Ever.

          Wicked is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. It is the story of Elphaba (the Wicked witch of the West, portrayed by Jessica Vosk) and Glinda the Good (performed by Ginna Claire Mason). The story begins with the death of Elphaba, and through a series of flashbacks shows us how maybe she wasn’t all that wicked after all. This show makes us question our meaning of good and bad, as well as the meaning the possibilities of other sides to all stories. “Good” can turn “bad” within a matter of minutes and Wicked shows an excellent example.

          With the two main roles originated my theatre and television legends, it seems unfortunate to not see the show with the original cast. Now I can’t imagine seeing the show with any other cast. Jessica Vosk (Elphaba) had excellent comic timing throughout the show. As well as the necessary drama. Elphaba does not seem to care what others think of her. In Vosk’s portrayal of this character, she would silently show just how hurt and vulnerable Elphaba is. During Popular the chemistry of “loathing” between Glinda and Elphaba was laughable and seemed to bring the true nature of most friendships to light. Ginna Clark Mason created an interesting mix of sweet and bratty. The character is obviously a little spoiled, but Mason made the brattyness lovable. In the silence of certain scenes, Mason would bounce around bringing bubbly Glinda to life. I would also like to point out the amazing performance by Andy Mientus playing Boq. This character added both comic relief at his awkwardness and persistence and showed just how torturous unrequited love can be.

          Most people don't immediately think of Steampunk when they think of Wicked. After seeing the show, that is exactly what I think of. Both the set and costuming were Steampunk in their own way. A stage full of clocks, cogs, clock faces, and machinery make me both confused and appreciative. At first, I didn't exactly understand, but as the show continued, I begin to understand more and more. The artistic choice made the costumes stand out even more. The costumes were some of the best and most interesting costumes I have ever seen. They also look like the most fun costumes to wear. Mixing patterns, and shades of the same general color. Asymmetrical hems, and pieces of different outfits. Fitting together seamlessly with intricate designs that brought the characters and townsfolk to life. Glinda’s dresses shone through the dark tones of the townsfolk and set her apart, adding, even more, appreciation for her kindness.

          Overall, this show was phenomenal in every way. From casting, to costumes, to set, to lighting everything amazed me and stood out from every other show I have seen. I would recommend this show to any and everyone. The show offers many different details that anyone could enjoy.

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