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                I must say, I've been impressed with a lot of shows, but Broadway’s Wicked was by far the best I have ever seen.  I didn't know much about the show beforehand, but, by the end of the first act, I was obsessed.  My life will never be the same, and, I do believe, “I was changed for the good”.  

                I love the casting for this show.  Everyone in the cast fit their roles perfectly and it really made for a great performance.  The relationship ups and downs that really brought out the characters personalities were so beautiful.  Jessica Vosk, in her role as Elphaba, and Ginni Claire Mason, in her role as a Glinda, were, like I said, perfect for their roles.  I loved watching their rather rollercoaster-like relationship really shape them as people.  When Fiyero, played by Jeremy Woodard, came into the mix it was even more fun. 

                Wicked is the story of the witches of Oz, and the wit with which the story came together was totally cool.  I must applaud the author of the book, Winnie Holzman, for this masterpiece.  The actors’ executions of the little funny lines were totally hilarious. 

                And how can I not mention the singing?  Elphaba has the most incredible voice.  She can sing and make you feel sad and melancholy, or she can make you, quite literally, drop your jaw in awe.  Not to mention Glinda’s voice.  It is gorgeous and absolutely fits her character.  I love how she can manage to come off as the pinnacle of your stereo typical “popular girl” and yet be able to convey such a truly human side.

                One of my favorite shows is Shrek the musical.  The reasons being: the songs are incredible, the story and characters are beautiful, but most of all, the message is clear, strong, and good.  In Wicked, the moment you notice the racial divide that is widening dangerously in Oz your gut wrenches.  I felt so passionate about this problem and the characters it affected.  I fully understood the drastic decisions that were made.  This message is one that, like in Shrek, people here on Earth need to learn about and pay attention to. 

                Another aspect of the show that really brought it all together was all the technical elements.  Elphaba is green.  It's really hard to do realistic green, but it was done.  At the end of Act One, in one of those jaw-drop moments when Elphaba sings, the after-image of her that you’re left with gives you one of the best feelings ever.  It absolutely makes sure you're left with exhilaration that keeps on going throughout intermission.  I was unbelievably excited for the second act to begin. 

                I could go on and on about this show, but I will contain myself until I hear the soundtrack once more.  I know it will be like the first time again, absolutely Wicked!  

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