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Wicked, a show I've heard called a theatrical phenomenon. Once again, I walked into the Orpheum with no knowledge of the show I was about to see besides the name of one of the songs and the 90% certainty that it was about the Wicked Witch of the West (I did not know, however, that her name was Elphaba until I had been thoroughly confused for some time). Even though I knew so little about Wicked going in, I have heard for years that it is a great show with great music. All it took was the powerful ensemble singing at the opening for the show to grab my attention. It didn't let go until the curtain went down. When it did, I knew that I had just watched one of the best shows of my inexperienced theatrical life.

Allow me to begin with what undoubtedly made Wicked so great to me and so many: the music and the incredible people who performed it. The most important of these people was, of course, Jessica Vosk (Elphaba) whose talent I feel I could write about for days. When she performed with any of her cast mates, Vosk complimented their voice quite well, especially that of Ginna Claire Mason (Glinda). You could tell there was a lot of chemistry between the two and that made their joint scenes very fun to watch. However, when the spotlight was solely on Vosk and she was singing solo,
she shined brighter than any performer I've seen all season. Songs predominantly sung by Vosk like "The Wizard and I," "Defying Gravity," and "No Good Deed" drew the most resounding applause, and everyone knew why.

This is one of the few times this season where the set of a show has really grabbed my attention. The intricate gears in the background, Glinda's floating bubble, the flashing green lights of the emerald city, and the large golden wizard of Oz "mask" could only be described in my mind as "awesome." The set's big, colorful, magical elements truly kept me inside of the fantasy world of Oz.

After the show, I was waiting at the cast exit in hopes of getting an autograph or an awkward picture with one of the cast members. I remember a woman leaving through the door and telling the small crowd of fans there something along the lines of, "I just did wardrobe, that's it." Upon her saying that, she received cheers and applause, and for good reason. The costumes in Wicked were another great aspect of an already great show. Much like the set, the costumes drew you in to the story. Whether it was Glinda's poofy dress, Boq's zany munchkin suit, or Elphaba's all-to-familiar black outfit, the wardrobe helped make Oz come alive.

In summing up, Wicked was an amazing show and a great time for everyone. I cannot recommend this musical enough and hope that anyone reading takes advantage of any chance they get to come and see this true theatrical phenomenon.

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