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Wicked - two sides to every story.

Emma Meents


The story of Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz is very well known. Everyone knows of Glenda the good witch and The Wicked Witch Of The West, but does anyone really know these characters?  Going into Wicked, I didn’t know anything about the storyline other than it was based off The Wizard Of Oz. After seeing Wicked, I now have learned that there really are two sides to every story. The renowned Tony Award winning show Wicked is showing at the Orpheum Theater, from April 12th through May 14th, and in my opinion, it is a MUST SEE.


Every performance element of Wicked was flawless, every single song deserved a standing ovation. From the moment the curtain rises you’re drawn in. The opening number was one of the most enthralling opening numbers I’ve ever seen. The vocals on Ginna Claire Mason (Glenda) and Jessica Vosk (Elphaba) were completely breathtaking. Ginna Claire Mason’s vibrato and range and Jessica Vosk runs and belts sent chills down my back. Defying Gravity was hands down my favorite performance of a musical number I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only were the vocals on point, but the choreography of the chorus deserves a Tony all its own. The chorus was never off a beat and were completely in sync.


The performance elements were amazing, yes, but the technical elements took the cake for me. Everything from the set, to the costuming, to makeup and lighting really made the show what it was. The set catches your eye from the first step you take into the theatre. The set was so intricate and steampunk esque, that every scene brought you into a different world. Every costume was so detailed and crazy that it reminded me of the attire that the citizens from the Capitol wore in The Hunger Games. To imagine the amount of time they put into making the costumes and wigs is unbelievable. The costuming and makeup, for me, also drew me closer to the characters. Glenda’s costumes were stunning. They glittered and bedazzled the crowd catching everyone’s eyes. Elphaba’s costumes, while understated, were a catalyst for her journey. I loved how they used Elphaba’s costuming as a sign of her maturing and power.


Throughout the show the use of puppetry was very interesting. The way they depict the wizard was amazing. They used puppetry one other time when bringing you into the Emerald City and they had the whole audience laughing out loud.

Wicked taught me a lot about how there are two sides to every story, which I think people tend to forget now a days. Going into the show I loved Glenda. As a kid I dressed up as her and would watch Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz on repeat and never thought twice about The Wicked Witch Of The West. Elphaba is a character we can all look up to, she is compassionate and caring, fierce and powerful, she defies gravity as does Wicked.

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