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Comment by Claire Mathews-Lingen on February 10, 2017 at 1:07pm


I really like the history piece about doing different types of shows at different times of days. That's a precursor to lighting shows based on the emotion of them. The lighthouse light part was interesting to me, because I have seen different lighthouse lights up north, and I have noticed that they have rings like that.
Wow that's amazing that just the oil from your finger can burn so hot it will explode.
The voice changing light was cool, I feel like that could have interesting implications in a production.
--Oh for a dance or concert, that makes more sense.
Who does physics in elementary school? I'm with you Grace.

"Are there people who farm lights" Said Delia. "I'm sorry I really don't know" Grace ;P

Dealing with the short intro videos.
Maybe you wouldn't use a backlight if the ensemble was being a part of the scenery.

He left the LED light on and its bugging me.

I love that forest light filter effect when it is done on stage.
(Why are people self-conscious about their questions, these are great questions!) I am sitting here watching and a question will come into my head and right then someone asks it!

Comment by Larissa Milles on February 20, 2017 at 4:41pm


The lighthouse part was probably my favorite thing he discussed! I've never really learned names of different lights, so hearing him discuss the Farnell light and how it sort of revolutionized theatre lighting was super interesting.

I was also kind of surprised to learn that LED's are not lightbulbs, because I was always under the impression that they were.

The color growing/diode thing was also interesting. I never realized how much science was actually involved in lighting. I think this is cool because it shows that if someone loves science and theatre, this is a possible career path for them!

Highlight + Shadow = Outdoor illumination is actually pretty common in shows I've seen!

The part about spectacle (Cirque) vs. Theatre was interesting. I've seen Cirque and obviously seen theatre and I've never really thought about the difference between the two.

I love that he mentioned distracting lighting because as an audience member that is one of the most annoying things for me. I have really sensitive eyes and I just don't think flashing lights into the audience should be done more than needed.


Comment by Anika Besst on February 21, 2017 at 7:14pm

I enjoyed the overview of the history of lights. It gave an idea of how the lights we have today came about. I enjoyed learning about how they have manipulated light sources like the sun or the light bulb created by Thomas Alva Edison. In school we learn the significance of these lights in people's everyday lives but making that connection to how the theatre used these lights was interesting.

I like the question asked about what is next to come in lighting technology. Video mapping (like Curious Incident) would make for totally different,new looking shows. I see it as a huge field to explore, and I can't see what happens next.

I appreciated the sneak peek into Wicked's lighting design. Which I found super cool too! It makes so much sense once he points out how Elphaba is lit in different shades than Glinda, but something you wouldn't pick up on unless you were looking for it.

I also appreciated what he said he ultimately looked for in a show's lights, that it move the story along and be part of it without taking away.


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