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2014-15 Critical Review Critics Panel - pt1

Critics Panel with Ed Huyck from City Pages and Morgan Halaska from Twin Cities Daily Planet

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Comment by Laura Wyatt on November 26, 2014 at 8:27pm

I found this panel very helpful. I really liked what Ed said about researching ahead of time and coming with pre-thoughts. This tip will help me this year in critical review, because I haven't seen many of the shows that we're seeing. Another tip I found extremely helpful was how Ed and Morgan suggested starting a review. I really liked what Morgan said about starting with "basic plot points" and "dropping the director's name." What Ed said about beginning with how the show made you feel and describing what you saw in general. That will help me in starting my reviews, because intros are not my forte. I'm glad removing the word "I" from your reviews was brought up. I had not thought about that before that question was asked.  


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