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Critical Review Workshop | Jeffrey Hatcher & Chan Poling


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Comment by Noah Coon on April 25, 2016 at 12:32am

One of the most powerful messages that Hatcher gave us was the message to take pride in one's work. One of the students was about to say that they "Just" wrote plays, but Hatcher stopped her and told her not to say that. If you write plays, the say you write plays. We as actors, writers, and people need to get better at looking at our accomplishments and being proud of what we've done. So many people, myself included, try to diminish our own works in order to appear selfless and humble. Contrary to common belief, all that we end up doing is making ourselves seem less important. 

I also really liked how he discussed how come people want an intermission when they come to see live theatre, but they don't need one for film. I have often pondered this question, but I never thought about how mentally taxing a live production can be. You have to be ten times more engaged because the actors are actually in front of you. They could make mistakes, but more importantly the audience has a much more intense connection with the actors. The actors know if you are bored, or if you leave the theatre. They can hear your reactions or lack there of. 

Comment by Emma Meents on May 24, 2016 at 5:37pm

This workshop hooked me from the minute that the men walked on stage. When you see how these accomplished show and song writers interact it makes you hope that one day you might be lucky enough to work with your best friend. Their witty jokes and small musical spurts made it interesting. The creative process that each of them have was explained and very insightful, especially the four stage process that they talked about. They touched on a very big issue which effects every person at least once in their lifetime, self appreciation and image. I absolutely loved how they used this big issue in todays society to create A Night In Olympus because it is a very real and prominent issue. Them talking about this issue definitely hit me individually and it made the workshop more meaningful to me even if it was just a brief segment. The men did a very good job of keeping the audience interested and engaged, their wit worked as a comedic relief which is a must when talking to a group of high school students. They were very blatantly in love with what they and I hope to one day be in love with my job as they are with theirs. 


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