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Workshop at the Children's Theatre Company with the Director of New Play Development, Elissa Adams.

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Comment by Calvin mattson on June 8, 2017 at 11:15pm

As an actor, I've never really thought about the process of making a show. It's always just been to show up, act, sing, dance, and the rest already is (or will be done) for me. However, looking back on past shows I've seen and performed in it makes me think, "what would have happened had they chosen to tell the story a different way?" Dramaturgy as Elissa stated is the "bones" to a show. It is how the story is chosen to be told, and I find it amazing that that job is just up to one or a small group of people. I hadn't ever really thought about the process for making an idea or story into a performance, but I now realize there is a lot more that goes into making these shows happen. I think that Elissa using shows we have seen makes it a more captivating discussion to listen to because we can fully relate to the ideas and points that she makes. I am quite sad that this is the workshop I missed because it definitely was one of the more interesting ones in my opinion. I now have a much larger knowledge, and respect, for the work that goes into creating both plays, musicals, and literature.

Comment by Avery Ronning on June 18, 2017 at 9:39pm

In modern society, anything we dont know how to pronouce, we give up on. Usually resulting in a google definition if necessary. Though this method of education is not effective, its still what we use. This is most likely the reason that dramaturgy is so unknown. Before watching this, i had only seen the word in playbills and heard it once during a childhood show. Other than that, if i was asked what i was, i would direct you to the nearest computer to look it up. After watching this video, i can now say i am confident enough in what i learned to be able to explain it to others. Basically, dramaturgy is the creation of the story or story line. The production and storyline rely heavily on the dramaturg. They decide how the show's order will run. Making it complicated or easy to understand. Or how the show will play out if it is a musical. Of course all of this depends on the dramaturg and who they are. Depending on their outlook and understanding of the story.


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