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A video review of the musical If/Then

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Comment by Dudley Voigt on April 1, 2016 at 11:22am

Hey, this is really great!  I especially like it when you have diverging opinions and through your conversation have to back them up to convince each other, that worked well.  Length felt good, editing helped the overall piece feel organized and flow well.  Naveh, I wish you weren't looking down so much, because Hannah & Noah are looking at the camera, you seem a little separate.  

If you were to do this format again (and I really think you should) how could you push the contrast of each of your viewpoints or roles?  For example, I like the way Noah would make a summary statement about an element, Hannah would often follow with supporting examples and sometimes Naveh would disagree and offer more details.  Not that you should have a pattern, but having a unique perspective to contribute makes the format of the 3 of you really fun. 

Good job!


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