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Workshop 3/14/17. If you were absent from this workshop, please watch the video and make thoughtful comments.

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Comment by Larissa Milles on March 29, 2017 at 10:44am

This is a super cool workshop and I'm sad I missed this one!!

I loved that he shared one of the Character Study videos, I love to watch those and find it super interesting to see how actors get into hair, makeup, and costume.

His comment about the Wicked makeup not being super complicated was interesting to me, because I've always thought of Elphaba's makeup being some of the most difficult.

I like that he brought up time and place. It's important that characters look like they belong in the period in which the production takes place. Sometimes it's such a little detail, but it can make a huge difference on the overall impact of the show.

The analysis of Cabaret was intriguing. I wish I could have been there to contribute to that conversation. I think the Emcee's makeup is a great example of makeup telling the story. He started off very composed and put together, but as the show went on, his makeup and overall look got messier, which reflected the story.

I liked that he discussed the critical aspect of makeup. I don't think I've ever really delved into makeup in any of my reviews, so I liked that he provided some insight into that from a critical aspect.

Comment by Gabriela Leovan on April 1, 2017 at 1:02pm

I've never really analyzed make up in any of my reviews probably due to my bad eye sight. It isn't my forte so watching this workshop really opened my eyes to a to of the nuances that I have been missing. The discussions were really interesting and brought up ideas that explained directors decisions in shows to me more. I still hate the infantization of Sally Bowles for Cabaret. She is an older woman who has had it rough and is still optimistic. Optimism does NOT equal childishness. I felt that was an extreme cop out on building a character and a very shallow viewpoint created by a shallow person. Discussing more on how the make up showed childishness showed me it was a directors decision. I loved watching the videos of Elphaba, Erik, Tevyeh, and Nostradamus(?). It was a visual way of explaining make up to accompany all of the talk. Each video offered an unique standpoint on make up. From Victorian/Roarign Twenties mash ups to wearing no makeup at all it showed a wide range of possibilities to explore. I never actively realized how instrumental make up was in telling the story of the show. The slight changes and effects lead into great discussions on director decisions.


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